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• 8/28/2018

Request for Change to Terminology Page

This is a request for the administrator to redirect the link from clicking the Terminology tab at the top of the Wiki to the Category page. Right now the current page is basically empty, and I feel that the category page is more useful.
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• 6/13/2018

State of the Wiki

Considering the sheer lack of information and activity here, I have to ask. Are people still willing to contribute to this wiki? There isn't a page for Adventurer jobs, a lack of detail on both the Skills and Magic pages, no convenient index, etc.
I'm not trying to insult the people who actually try to contribute, just that I'm pointing out what I've observed. I don't mind helping out either, since I've been re-reading the LN recently and can cite some relevant information that's been missing for those that want to know.
There's also the need for a Content Revision board, to separate discussions about the contents of the wiki (General Discussion), and what to add or remove from the wiki (Content Revision). Seems like a good idea.
If there's anyone willing to discuss with me about this, please reply.
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• 10/12/2017

Where do you read the light novels?

Hi, I heard that the story of this anime is still on-going in a light novel? Where can I find a web to read them?
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• 9/21/2017


爆発!am i right, or am i right?
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• 7/7/2018

Welcome to Discussions!

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To learn more about what you can do here, check out http://community.wikia.com/wiki/Help:Discussions

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Have fun!
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• 8/21/2017


I like how the main character just dies and he just blantly accepts that there are gods and that reincarnation is true and while he is able to speak with one of his creators he just asks how he dies and not what is the meaning of existence and life and what created the gods and if the universe is just pointless and stuff like that.What I want to say is that i find it weird for me that the secrets of death are revealed to him and he doesnt care about them at all
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• 7/23/2017

What is the World Map of Konosuba.

Im kinda writing a fanfic and i dont want to be unlore-friendly so i wanted to ask , what does the map AKA the World of konosuba look like ?
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• 4/27/2017


I was wondering when would we add references? I believe that references are important since they indicate whether or not the articles here are legit ofr not.
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This post is locked.
• 1/29/2017

Content and Discussions Moderator Position

In light of season 2, I'm currently trying to recruit more people to wikia roles in order to help lighten the load for both the admins and the current mod.
Content Moderator has the following powers.

Delete and undelete wiki pages.
Protect and unprotect wiki pages.
Move and delete files.
suppress redirects on page moves.
use rollback for undoing all recent edits by the latest editor on a page.
Discussion Moderator has the following powers:

Control over wikia comments.
Authority in wikia chat.
Your primary duty will be: 

Review uploaded image files and edits to articles.
Update the image galleries for the characters, especially clean scans for the manga.
Help write volume summaries for each character.
Applicant requirements:

At least five months on the wikia beforehand.
At least two consecutive weeks on the wikia.
Created at least five pages of content.
No bans (though if bans were clarified, you're all good).
Let me know if you're interested. Though fair warning, it's going to be a lot of work.
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• 10/15/2016

Volume 10 comes out on November 1

As many of you may already know, volume ten of the Konosuba light novel series is scheduled for release on November 1st.  On an online bookseller (honto.jp) whose page I frequent, they are already displaying a front cover and a short description of the plot.  Apparently, according to the plot synopsis, Kazuma gets involved in something concerning a young prince in a neighboring kingdom because of Eris, and he and the gang have to solve the situation.  The front cover is of a young lady in a blue dress with a sword.
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• 4/3/2016

Did they make a video game?

Did they make a video game?
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• 1/23/2016

best regards

hello tastefully am wikia administrator Kono Sekai Subarashii or Spanish, send a cordial greeting and continue their efforts do a great job.
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