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The Adventurer's Guild (冒険者ギルド) is an governmental organisation with facilities spanning many towns that provide various services to adventurers.


Adventurer Guilds have several important functions such as accepting the registration of new adventurers (which cost 1,000 Eris), offering quests, providing counters to exchange information, buying monster materials, and operating a restaurant and a bar those people can eat and drink at.

On a national level, the guild maintains adventurer registrations and shares important information across the organization, and each city has its own building, which all function semi-autonomously from each other. The primary goals of the local Guild are to assist and oversees the adventurers in their region.

The one in Axel also has a magical speaker heard by the whole city to announce emergency quests, and the Guild is also a meeting place for emergency adventuring councils, such as the one held during the attack of the Destroyer.



  • According to Kazuma, the Adventurer Guild is the Parallel World version of Hello Workers, the Japanese government's Employment Service Center.
  • The Crimson Demon Village is the only location that doesn't have an Adventurer Guild building.
  • Luna is the name of the main receptionist at the Axel branch.[1] In the anime, she is also the announcer in the Guild speaker.
  • In order to get the reward for the completed quest, the adventurer must show the monster's name in their card list of slayed monsters.
  • To assist beginner adventurers, the Guild provides manuals filled with many advice useful for survival,[2] and from time to time asks experienced adventurers to hold mentoring sessions with the rookies.[3]
  • The Arcanletia branch prohibits beginner adventurers with low levels from taking quests, since although there are small-fries like Goblins and Kobolts in the surrounding, they are followed by Beginner's Banes.[4]
  • High-ranked officers at the Guild Headquarters have the power to disqualify adventurers who they find unsuitable and confiscate their cards.[5]
  • The Guild can request adventurers to take retraining courses if they fail quests too much.[6]