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Aigis (アイギス) is a divine treasure in the form of a magical set of talking armour, which was originally given as a cheat item to one of the people who reincarnated from Japan.[1]


Aigis is a tall set of silvery white metal armour with no visible joints, though upon closer inspection he is covered in scratches. It is hollow inside, but from a distance it's often mistaken for an armoured knight. Kazuma had noted that Aigis' appearance alone conveys strength and durability.


Although it is genderless, Aigis has a womanizer and pervert personality, as it demands to be dressed by women only, since Aigis enjoys to feel the women's body inside of it. Aigis is very critical about woman, as well as a high standard, as it prefer not just beautiful, but also voluptuous women dressing it.[1] Aigis also enjoys analyzing and judging each woman, classifying and giving a score to them based on its own taste.[2]

Aside of being an womanizer, Aigis is also very vulgar and disrespectful, as it minces no word while talking to men or women who aren't its type, like the flat-chested Chris.[1] Aigis is also a scoundrel, as it is willing to lie in order to convince a woman to dress Aigis without any piece of cloth,[3] as well as persistently hitting on and harassing the women around it for fun.[4]

Also, as an armor, Aigis is very prideful about his toughness, and prefers to be used by sword-users in a fight.[1] However, although its function is defense, Aigis doesn't like to feel pain.


Aigis was worn by a Japanese swordsman years ago and served him faithfully until the swordsman died of illness, following which it continually looked for a suitable master.

Eventually it came into the hands of the noble named Undyne, a collector of strange treasure who presumably acquired Aigis through illegal methods, where it was kept chained in a treasure room. Chris and Kazuma later came to free it so it could be used against the Devil King's Army, yet it refused to help and afterwards ran off. It was later captured by Kazuma during the Eris Festival beauty pageant, before assisting Eris in her escape.[2]

To his dismay, Aigis was given to Mitsurugi Kyouya, who frequently reprimanded Aigis for hitting on Cremea and Fio. Aigis thus ran away to the Crimson Demon Village, allegedly to make Mitsurugi prove his worthiness against the monsters in the forest, though in truth it went there because it heard that Crimson Demon women are very attractive.[4] It spent its stay in the village at Bar Succubus Lingerie which was run by Nerimaki's family, and later helped Yunyun complete the final trial to become chieftain,[3] despite enraging Hiropon later on with its sexual harassment of her.[5]

It eventually made his way to the capital, where it helped Iris against the forces of the Devil King's Daughter.[6]


Aigis is a holy armour, known by as the toughest armour in the world, granting victory to anyone who wears it.

Telepathy: Aigis communicates by telepathy. It's stronger enough to be heard in an entire mansion.

Physical Resistance: Aigis is 100% pure orichalcum, the most resistant and valuable metal in the world.

Magic Resistance: As a holy armour, Aigis is also the most magic-resistant armour in the world, as well as skill-neutralizing.

Owner Healing: According to Aigis, it can not only protect, but it can also heal its user.

Aigis Kick: A powerful dropkick delivered by Aigis himself.


  • Aigis set originally had a shield alongside the armour, those current location is unknown.
  • Its name comes from Aegis, the sacred shield carried by Zeus and Athena in Greek mythology.
  • A little piece of Aigis' armour is valuable enough to buy a castle.[4]