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Alderp Barnes Alexei (アレクセイ・バーネス・アルダープ) was the former Lord of Axel, maligned for being selfish, greedy, and corrupt. He harbored an obsession toward Darkness and attempted to marry her on multiple occassions through various schemes, including utilizing Divine Treasures from deceased reincarnates and forming a pact with a demon, the latter of which finally became his downfall.


Alderp is a middle-aged, tall and obese man. He wears white gloves and red and blue clothes with golden stripes. Alderp wears a wig with long blonde hair and has a blonde moustache.[1]


Alderp was a selfish and corrupt noble, as he often used his influence and wealthy to condemn those who displeased him, as well as forcing those around him to do his bidding, both on a whim.[2] Alderp was also haughty and unpleasant, although he knew to be polite whatever it was convenient. Futhermore, Alderp was greedy, imposing high taxes in Axel,[3] and a cheapskate, making cheap reforms in his Royal Capital manor.[4] For such reasons, there wasn't one person in Axel who didn't hate him.

According to Vanir, Alderp was also the most pervert man in Axel (followed by Kazuma), as he frequently harass his maids, as well as uses a magic mirror to peep them and and his female guests, including Darkness,[4] for who Alderp had a creepy obsession since she was just a child. He also used to marry to many woman who pleased him (in the Web Novel, they all have a resemblance with Darkness).

Alderp was a unscrupulous person as well, who was willing to replace and kill his own son in order to fulfill his plans.[5] He was insidious too, manipulating those around him as pawns, whatever by influencing or coercing them, and not just commoners, but other nobles as well.[6] Alderp also disposed those who have no use for him, like he did to his wives, once he got tired of them.[7]

On the top of that, Alderp was an abusive and violent person as well, who often beat up both Maxwell and his former wives to vent his anger, the laters whom never pressed charges because of Maxwell's power.[7] Alderp was, however, a coward too, since, once Maxwell regained his freedom, he begged for mercy shamelessly.[8]


As a noble from Axel, at some point Alderp acquired two Cheat Items from fallen reincarnated japanese. Using the one for summoning monsters, Alderp was able to summon Max who he thought was just a Low-Ranked Demon prone to forgetting about being owed the price for his assistance, and repeatedly exploited Max's dark powers to drive his rise in Belzerg, becoming the feudal lord of Axel and even more prestigious than House Dustiness.[9] Alderp also committed many crimes, such as forcing many women to marry him before abusing and finally disposing of them, while using Max who he imprisoned in the basement to cover his tracks.[7]

Alderp at some point adopted a talented kid named Walther, planning to help him development both his skills as prestige in order to switch places with him though another Cheat Item, before using his body for marrying Lalatina, the heiress of the Dustiness household, whom he was obsessed with ever since she was young.[5]

One day when he was in the basement with Max at his Axel mansion which was emptied of other people, a large unstable piece of coronatite was suddenly Teleported above the estate, and its resulting explosion obliterated the mansion, though Alderp himself was unharmed.[10]

Thoroughly furious, Alderp soon found out that the coronatite was teleported from the wrecked Destroyer under the instructions of a beginner adventurer named Kazuma Satou, so he contacted Sena, the local royal prosecutor, and had her charging Kazuma with treason. During the trial where Alderp noticed Lalatina sitting in Kazuma's defence, he impatiently insisted that Kazuma was a minion of the Devil King, yet Kazuma's proclamation in denial got proven to be true by the lie-detecting magical bell, setting the environment for Kazuma to be acquitted due to lack of evidence. Alderp promptly called on Max's powers to tweak Sena and the judge's judgments into declaring Kazuma guilty and sentencing him to death, though the lord had a close call when Aqua declared her detection of dark powers interfering with the trial, and decided to accept Lalatina's request of postponing the trial when she later offered to do anything for him.[2] And although it was the lord's responsibility to pay out reparations for collateral damages caused during battles in national interest, he still charged Kazuma an astronomical sum for reparations on his mansion just like with the flood damages on Axel during the battle with Beldia, calling on Max again to justify the concept of having others foot the bill instead of him.[8]

Alderp proceeded to request an arranged marriage between Walther and Lalatina, which Ignis gladly supported, though following a marriage interview between the couple at the Dustiness mansion, Walther returned to say that he had turned down the marriage.[11] Later when his subjects who lived in the countryside ravaged by the Destroyer before its destruction came begging for help, Alderp refused to compensate them, but instead influenced Lalatina through Max into taking out a loan of 2 billion eris from him for aiding those destitute people, with one of the loan terms being that Lalatina has to pay with her body should something befall the head of her household.[7]

Following Kazuma being cleared of treason charges and awarded a stupendous reward for his various exploits, Alderp's bill to Kazuma was paid in full and his mansion began to be rebuilt.[12] However, during Wallavy's final attack on Axel, Alderp became one of the first to flee the provinces,[13] instead going to stay at his manor in the Royal Capital.[6]

Alderp next decided to send the Cheat Item for switching bodies to Prince Jatice of Belzerg instead, planning to switch bodies with him so he could become both King of Belzerg and marry Lalatina.[5] To this end, during a royal ball he declared to Kazuma and a group of young noblemen infatuated by Lalatina how only Jatice is qualified as her suitor.[6]

He however soon had to host at his capital manor Kazuma's party who were out to catch a virtuous thief, due to his awful reputation making him possibly the next victim in the thief's recent string of raids on multiple wicked nobles' residences. Although Alderp leered at Lalatina in addition to attempting so at Aqua and Megumin, he soon sympathised with the heiress upon witnessing her party's antics. The following day, Alderp was cleaning a one-way mirror that allows peeking into the bathroom when Kazuma barged in, at which the two lecherous men agreed to share the secret, until Lalatina discovered them at it and smashed the mirror. The next several days saw Alderp worn out from catering for the eccentric party, and on the night his manor did get raided, he had to become the one for untying a Kazuma binded by the thief because his party members were screwing around with him.[4]

Alderp afterwards discovered to his fury that not only did the Cheat Item for switching bodies not get sent to Jatice, but it was also stolen by the Silver-Haired Thief Gang who got it sealed, prompting him to take it out on Max before proceeding with the next plan to acquire Lalatina.[5]

He first had Max put a Death Curse on Ignis that gradually worn down his health, then began calling the loan he made to House Dustiness, which in turn forced Lalatina into accepting a highly publicised marriage proposal with him. His plans were, however, thwarted by her party members under the instructions of Kazuma, who paid the loan in full during the wedding ceremony and accordingly took Lalatina with him while Alderp's subordinates were distracted by Kazuma's voice mimicry, sent flying by Megumin's Explosion, or beaten up by Dust and the other adventurers.[7]

Frustrated, Alderp tried to make Max change everyone's memories of the wedding, then upon the Demon expressing his inability to do so, ordered him to bring Lalatina to him by force before declaring their contract ended so that he could summon another more competent Demon. He was then elated when Lalatina showed up at the basement, at which he hurriedly agreed to pay his price to Max, only to turn bitterly disappointed when she revealed herself to be a shapeshifted Vanir, who had manipulated the events in order to make Alderp free Maxwell from their contract as well as taste his delicious disappointment. Maxwell who began recalling how much of a price Alderp owed proceeded to break his arms for tasting his negative emotions of despair, following which Vanir told the panicking lord of how his crimes would be exposed, resulting in his wealth being confiscated by House Dustiness for returning to Kazuma as well as the treasury. In the end, Alderp was taken to Hell by a gleeful Maxwell intent on milking him of all his emotions of despair non-stop for the rest of his life.[9]


As Axel Lord, Alderp was the most influential person in the region. Also, thanks to Maxwell, his House prestige in the kingdom was at the same level as Dustiness House, as well as he was richer than the last.

Divine Treasure Holder: Alderp possessed two Cheat Items: A necklace that allows its user to switch bodies with anyone (although its effect is limited to anyone who isn't its original owner), and a stone able to summon random monsters (although it requires an offering to control them if the user isn't its original owner) that he used to control Maxwell.


  • Asleep Manga
    Alderp is described both in the light novel and the manga as a bald man full of body hair.[2]
    • In the anime, it was shown that Alderp wears a wig.[14]
  • In the initial web novel, subsequent to kidnapping pretty girls who looked like Lalatina, Alderp had them ravaged until they died.
  • The character is named "Alderp" in Season 3 Episode 3 and "Aldarp" the following episodes.