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Amy (エイミー) is a playable character in KonoSuba: Fantastic Days. She's a farmer of Samuidoh.


Amy is a well-endowed woman with long brown hair that reaches the waist. Like other human-animal, she has animal ears and also has a dog's tail.

Amy wears a long and green off-shoulder dress, a white apron, leather corset and boots.


Amy is a warm and soft-spoken person. Although she is compassionate and loving, Amy is also very indulgent, not just spoiling her step-sister Mia, but everyone under her care. Also, like other beastmen, Amy has a voracious appetite, reason why she loves cooking, particularly the vegetables she raises at her farm. However, although Amy lives by selling the vegetables she raises, Amy is awful at advertise them.


Amy is a farmer in Samuidoh, raising vegetables gattle and selling it in other towns.

10 years ago, she got very sick during a snowfall, and Mia risked her live to go to another town buying her medicine. Since then, Amy takes care of Mia, living together and acting like her "big sis".

She settle in Axel after opening a cafe that sells Samuidoh vegetables, working her waitress.


  • Beastman Abilities: As a human-animal, Amy is able to raise incredibly delicious vegetables, at the same time she has terrible advertisement capacity.
  • Sage: As sage, Amy can use both healing and support magic, as well as use magic to control nature.
    • Heal: Instantly heals a person's wounds.
    • Protection: A spell that increases physical resistance.
    • Breath of the Earth: A spell that grows plants at incredible speeds.


  • Amy is one of the original characters created for the game KonoSuba: Fantastic Days.
  • Her birthday is on February 8.