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Amy (エイミー) is a playable character in Konosuba: Fantastic Days. She's a farmer of Samuidoh.


Amy is a well-endowed woman with long brown hair that reaches the waist. Like other human-animal, she has animal ears and also has a dog's tail.

Amy wears a long and green off-shoulder dress, a white apron, leather corset and boots.


Amy is a kind and calm person. As Mia's "big sis", she's also very overprotective. Like all human-animal, she has a voracious appetite.

Although she lives by selling vegetables, she is a terrible seller.


Amy is a farmer in Samuidoh, raising vegetables gattle and selling it in other towns.

10 years ago, she got very sick during a snowfall, and Mia risked her live to go to another town buying her medicine. Since then, she takes care of Mia, living together and acting like her "big sis".


  • Beastmen: As a human-animal, Amy is able to raise incredibly delicious vegetables.
  • Sage: As sage, Amy is able to use Magic to support her fellow adventurers by controlling nature.
    • Heal: A spell which allows Amy to instantly heal herself or an ally.
    • Breath of the Earth: A spell that grows plants at incredible speeds.


  • Amy is one of the original characters created to KonoSuba: Fantastic Days game.
  • Her birthday is on February 8.