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Anna Filante Estroid (アンナ・フィランテ・エステロイド) is the Ghost of a girl who haunts Kazuma's mansion.[1]


Anna has short blonde hair and looks like a child.


Anna is a mischievous, but harmless spirit who enjoys to play pranks on Aqua, often pretending to be burning or appearing lying in the table as a dead body, in order to scare Aqua. Although she is the spirit of a young child, Anna also loves adult stuff like wine, frequently stealing and drinking the bottles in the mansion.[2]

Anna is a curious spirit as well, enjoying adventure stories and often approaching Aqua in order to listen her stories from the time Aqua still lived in Heaven.[2][3]


Anna is the dead illegitimate daughter of a noble who was the former owner of Kazuma's mansion. After her father died from illness while her maid mother went missing, the girl contracted the same disease as her father and died without seeing the faces of her parents. Known to have liked dolls, fine wine and stories of adventurers, as a Ghost she is also acquainted with Wiz.[1]

When Aqua performed her exorcisms in the mansion, she left Anna alone because the girl is a good spirit and was technically the owner of the mansion.[4] Given free rein to phase through walls and peek on the regular human residents, Anna accumulated a trove of knowledge on the embarrassing antics they performed when alone in their rooms in addition to the locations where they hid things, though on the other hand some of the misdeeds committed between party members were pinned onto her.[2] She anyhow voiced her gratitude to Kazuma when he placed a though-revealing hat atop a bottle of wine that she was possessing.[5]

During the attack by the Devil King's Army on the mansion, Anna took part in its defence by throwing things at the monsters.[6]


Cursed Dolls Anime

Anna had a collection of dolls left at her home, which were manipulated by the other Ghosts infesting the mansion during the party's first night there into haunting them.[1]

While that disturbance was soon settled without incident, the episode caused so much trauma to Kazuma and Megumin that Cursed Dolls and related cursed items were later spawned in the Mystery Tower.[7] Similar dolls were also set on the loose in the Bottomless Labyrinth.[8]


  • In opposition to other nobles full names in the series, Anna's full name in the Volume 2 follows the western name order, before nobles' full names adopted the eastern name order in the following volumes.
  • Animals like Chomusuke, Sieg, and Emperor Zel seem to be capable of detecting her presence.
  • The design of Anna's dolls in the anime were based off the Rozen Maidens from the titular series.