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Aqua (アクア, Akua) is one of the main protagonists of the KonoSuba series and with whom Kazuma started his party. Before she went to the Parallel World, Aqua was a Goddess of Water who guided young Japanese to the Afterlife,[1] as well as the goddess worshipped by the Axis Order.[2]


Described by Kazuma as possessing beauty no human could match, Aqua has light blue hair and eyes, a slim figure with large breasts, long legs, wide hips, and blue waist-long hair that is partially tied into a loop with a spherical clip. Her B-W-H measurements are 83-56-83 cm (33/22/33 in) and she is 5'2" (157 cm) tall also she weighs 132lbs. (59.9kg).

Aqua uses a sleeveless dark-blue vest with white trimmings, a short dark blue miniskirt, a green bow around her chest with a blue gem in the middle, a translucent purple underskirt, and detached white sleeves with blue and golden trimmings. She wears thigh-high blue heeled boots over white stockings with blue trimmings.

Sometimes Aqua wears a divine relic in the form of a translucent pink hagoromo, which can disappear and reappear around her at her will. Her hair clip resembles an H2O molecule.


Although she looks dignified at first, Aqua is the opposite of what is expected of a goddess, as, aside from being sloppy and ill-mannered, Aqua is often unfeeling and disrespectful, since she doesn't think before she speaks. Also, while Aqua often calls Kazuma a "hikkiNEET", she is a loafer too, as, although Aqua is more lively and fun-loving than Kazuma, she also spends most of her time doing nothing or getting wasted, and is easily influenced by both Kazuma and Cecily's bad behaviors.

Also, due to her low Intellect, Aqua is absent-minded, heedless, forgetful, and unable to understand complex conversations or situations, nor read the room. Her low intelligence, combined to her poor Luck, are the reasons why most of her ideas and actions end up in a "critical failure". Aqua is, however, very intuitive and astute, guessing correctly what her party's antics,[3][4] as well as thinking fast in the rare occasion she is focused.[5][6]

Furthermore, Aqua is a crybaby. Since she is oversensitive and prone to fear, Aqua always cries when she is scared, upset, or traumatized. Also, like a child, Aqua fakes crying sometimes to get what she wants[7] as well as throws a tantrum.[8] In addition, like a kid, Aqua is wasteful, often spending all her money partying and getting drunk with no thoughts for tomorrow. Being a bohemian is even one of the doctrines of her cult.

Like her followers, Aqua is a scammer too, as, while in Heaven, she used to conceal information about the Parallel World to convince the recently-deceased Japanese to reincarnate there.[1] Aqua also supports her followers' schemes, even taking part in such scams during the Eris Festival.[9] She is even willing to shallow her pride and deceive strangers for just a few bucks.[10]

However, as a goddess, Aqua is very prideful, self-centered, stubborn and spoiled, often expecting to be praised and pampered by those around her due to her status, although no one believes her. Aqua also tries to act more dignified when she recites her Order's unusual doctrine. Aqua is greedy as well, often trying to get a bigger share of her party's rewards, and the promise of a big reward is sometimes her only motivation for getting off the couch.

Also, like other gods, Aqua despises both demons and the undead, reason why she constantly antagonizes with Vanir and exorcises Zeeleschilt. However, unlike other gods like Eris, Aqua is way more flexible, as she is able of sympathize with undead like Keele,[11] , apologize to the Succubi[12] and even got attached to both Wiz and Anna, although Aqua keeps bullying Wiz. She takes seriously her job as goddess of guiding dead souls to the Afterlife.

Aqua is a very loyal person as well, to both her followers, even risking her life in order to protect them; and her party, as she never considered abandon Kazuma, even for Mitsurugi's promises of comfortable life,[13] and was willing to live as a fugitive with Kazuma when he was about to be sentenced to prison.[14] As long as Aqua is having some fun, she will stay by Kazuma's side, for richer or for poorer.


For Aqua's history, see her History tab.


As a Goddess, Aqua's power correlates to the devotion of her followers. Though drastically weakened after descending to the mortal world,[11] she is still the strongest member of Kazuma's party, having amazingly above-average stats,[2] with her Magical Power being superior to even Megumin's.[15] However her Intellect and Luck are pretty low,[2] and she cannot improve them by leveling up since her stats are already maxed out.[16] Moreover, like Megumin and Darkness, Aqua suffers from being too specialized, with her attacks only being effective against undead and demons.

Holy Magic: Upon descending into the mortal plane, Aqua took up the Arch Priest-class, learning all her class skills,[16] allowing her to use all types of healing and recovery spells, support buffs, and evil-dispeling magic.

  • Heal: Instantly heals a person's wounds.
    • Sacred Highness Heal: Greater healing spell. It can restore erased memories.[4]
  • Turn Undead: Creates a light that sends the undead to the afterlife.
    • Sacred Turn Undead: A more powerful version of Turn Undead, which, when cast upon, can release a powerful spell that can purify even a lich.
  • Exorcism: Summons a pillar of light that drives away demons. Powerful enough to stop a possessed Darkness in her tracks.
    • Sacred Exorcism: A stronger version of Exorcism. Aqua fires it like a laser from her forehead in a pose similar to the Emerium Beam. This spell is potentially powerful enough to destroy an Archdemon like Vanir.
  • Break Spell: A spell that can dispels magic and curses.
    • Sacred Break Spell: A stronger version of Break Spell. It can break magical barriers.[17]
  • Cure Poison: A spell to detoxify a person.
  • Refresh: A spell that lowers the person's body temperature.
  • Supporting Buffs: Aqua can cast several supporting spells to greatly increase the resistance, speed, and strength of the one she cast her spell upon:
    • Blessing: A spell that increases luck.
    • Powered: A spell that increases strength.
    • Haste: A spell that increases speed.
    • Protection: A spell that increases physical resistance.
    • Resistance: A spell that increases magical resistance.
  • Reflect: A spell that reflects an opponent's attacks back at them.
  • Force Fire: Draws the attention of monsters towards the user.
  • Magic Seal: Seals someone's or something power. Used in a Divine Treasure[5] and in the Devil King.[18] It is so powerful even an Archdemon can't break it.[19]
  • Divine Circle: Aqua can draw magic circles that repel ghosts, undead, demons, and monsters. She has also created protective barriers around the mansion to capture demons and keep them from entering the mansion (however, extremely powerful demons can still breakthrough).[20]
  • Resurrection: The most advanced spell for the Arch Priest class, it revives a recently-deceased person. Usually one person can just be revived once, but due to her seniority over Eris, Aqua can even violate that rule and resurrect the same person multiple times. However, she cannot resurrect those whose physical forms have been completely digested or destroyed,[21] or died of natural causes (as diseases).[22]

Water Magic: As a goddess with the domain over water, Aqua possesses many powerful water-related skills. Aqua also can manipulate water from a distance, and breath under water.

  • Create Water: Shoots a jet of pure and clean water from atmospheric moisture.
    • Sacred Create Water: Summons a large torrent of water from the sky, that causes a huge flood. It is such a large amount of water that it could flood an entire city and destroy subsequent buildings and structures, as well as the city's wall.
  • Purification: Purifies water from dirty and poison by touching. As a water goddess, Aqua can purify any liquid, from contaminated hot springs to coffee and tea, through mere contact. However, it seems this is something Aqua has no control over as any liquid she touches becomes purified, regardless of intent, while casting Purification simply increases the effect.
  • Holy Water: All liquid she purifies is turned into holy water (known as "Goddess Juice"). Aside from this it can be used as weapon against the undead, her holy water can be used to enhance the quality of weapons and equipment, and protect against illness. Water generated directly from Aqua's body, like her tears, are especially potent against the undead.

Party Tricks: After learning all the Arch Priest-class skills at once, Aqua started to spend all her points in the Party Trick-skill tree. Those are used mainly for the entertainment and amusement of people, as Aqua refuses any payment for her presentations.

  • Nature's Beauty: A skill that makes two fans appear on both hands and a pot of soil appear on top of her head. Spouts of water will emerge from each fan while a flower grows in the pot that will eject blossoms once fully grown.
  • Versatile Entertainer: A buff that makes the target a multi-threat talent, able to mimic anyone's voice.
  • Hundred Hazes: The ultimate party trick. Once it is activated, it takes half of a day to finish.

Master Artist: As a muse of the arts, Aqua is an extremely talented artist, being able to repair a photo of Darkness's suitor with the bare minimum tools at hand and create detailed 1/12 clay scale models of Megumin and Darkness, as well as intricate sand drawings, soap scale figures, and even make handmade giant robot made out of milk cartons. While Kazuma has noted that she could make a living off these skills, she refuses to, as her greedy and lazy nature makes her unable to financially take advantage of these artistic talents.

Construction Master: Aqua is also a skilled construction worker. She is so talented working on construction that she is able to repair all by herself a giant wall damaged by Explosion Magic in a single day several times in a roll.

God Skills: As a goddess, Aqua posses unique skills related to her heavenly race, although her fall from Heaven weakened some of her special abilities as Goddess.

  • God Blow: A lethal fist that carries a goddess' rage and sorrows. It can both purify the undead and cause physical damage at the target.
  • God Requiem: A lethal hook, it's a goddess requiem of love and sorrow. Like God Blow, it can both cause physical damage and purify the target, being able of purify Arcanletia hot springs. It's an anime exclusive skill.
  • Holy Aura: It causes pain for undead/demons that touch her, with prolonged exposure being lethal. Draining her vitality/magic is also poisonous for the undead. However, since the undead look "for salvation," mindless undead are also attracted to her aura. Her holy aura also limits the effectiveness of lie-detecting magical items; they will only detect her lie if it is something she very strongly believes is false.
  • Night Vision: Aqua can see as well in the dark as well as the daytime. That is a less powerful version of her omniscience as a goddess.
  • Undead/Demon Detection: Aqua can also detect undead and demons by their scent. Aqua can also see and communicate with ghosts and poltergeists even if they are invisible.
  • Multilingual: Aqua is able of speak fluently many different languages, from Japanese, the Parallel World language, the spirits language and the elemental tongue.
  • Divine Protection: If anyone attempts to see her location/future/mind or attempts mind manipulation on her, it results in seeing a bright light that prevents it.


Feather Cloak: A sacred treasure imbued with a variety of magic, preventing all status ailments and is highly resistant. It can also fill with air like a balloon at her command and is used as short-range transportation for the team.

Scepter: She uses a staff that will fly towards her if summoned. When casting spells, the closed flower at one end will blossom and boost any spells cast.


  • Due to her astronomic stats, Aqua is qualified for almost all existing classes, except Mage ones, because of her low Intellect.[2]
  • Aqua has a chicken that she claims to be a "dragon" named Emperor Zel.
  • Aqua is Latin for water, which is reflected in her status as a Water Goddess.
    • To add to her status as the Water Goddess, her hairpiece is designed to look like a water molecule.
  • She is given a monthly allowance by Kazuma.
  • Aqua's hobbies is collecting stones, polishing them every day. That includes a Divine Treasure able to summon random monsters that Chris is desperately looking for.[23]
  • In order of not purify what she drinks, Aqua always pay attention so her bubbly or tea won't touch her lips while she drinks.[24]
  • Once, Aqua cried because she dropped a 100 eris coin down a sewage drain that was going to be used for ice cream.
  • Upon seeing their party for the first time, passersby consider her the most beautiful out of the three main girl characters due to her goddess-like appearance.
  • Aqua's birthday is on 1st August.
  • Aqua refuses to get a license as entertainer due to her stubbornness, as well as turns down requests from the street performers' association to become an honorary member.[25]
  • Aqua raises pigeons in the mansion for her presentations, feeding them with vegetables scraps and grains in the garden, although Kazuma always complains about their noise.[26]
    • However, since she is afraid by the way Megumin and Chomusuke started to stare at the pigeons, Aqua plans to move them to the Dustiness Manor.[26]
  • Unlike the novel and manga, in the anime, Aqua is not shown to be wearing underwear, resulting in popular belief that Aqua's underwear is invisible.
  • Aqua is mentioned in Natsume Akatsuki other works Combatants Will Be Dispatched! and Kemono Michi as the "Water Goddess", in order to summon the "Aquans" and use the Blessing spell, respectively.