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Arnes (アーネス, Ānesu) was a High-Ranked Demon who, alongside Host, served and worshipped Wolbach, the Goddess of Sloth and Violence.


Arnes has the appearance of a beautiful and voluptuous woman in her twenties, with cat-like yellow eyes and free-flowing waist-length red hair with an ahoge. She has pointed ears similar to an elf and a strange love heart-shaped mark on her chest.

She also has some demonic features such as goat-like horns sprouting from the sides of her head and bat-like wings protruding from her back which she could use to fly, and an arrow-tip shaped tail.

Arnes usually wears very revealing attire similar to the succubi, consisting of a gold choker, knee-high boots, underwear, a bikini top and sleeved gloves. When travelling incognito, Arnes would wear a short cloak with a hood adorned with animal ears to cover her more inhumane features.


Arnes was a genuinely loyal and caring Wolbach's follower, being completely devoted to her master. She was also devastated when Chomusuke failed to recognize her. Although she was usually disdainful and short fuse, Arnes was well-mannered too, never starting a fight. According to Megumin, Arnes was the type who is tough on the outside, but soft on the inside.[1]

Also, while she is a demon, Arnes was a very reasonable person who kept promises, and moreover never tried to deceive nor coerce anybody, she seemed to be very unlucky, since, even without doing anything wrong, Arnes was repeatedly made of scapegoat for someone's else crimes, ambushed and forced to retreat in tears while she was chased by an angry mob.

In the anime version, Arnes becomes resentful and distrustful of humanity because of all the lies and betrayals she suffered after buying a cursed magical item crafted by Megumin's father. Arnes ended up so traumatized that the word "promise" was enough to trigger her.[2] After finding out that Megumin is Hyoizaburo's daughter, her hatred grew to the point that she vowed to destroy even Megumin's soul.[3]


Arnes used to be a demon who serves the Dark God Wolbach, and looked for her everywhere. In the anime version, she bought an item from Megumin's parents during her journey, expecting it would help her find her master, but it ended up causing many unfortunate meetings with scummy people and accordingly traumatizing her.[4]

She eventually found half of her master at the Crimson Demon Village in the form of Chomusuke, and offered to buy her from Megumin, though with the cat already attached to the Arch Wizard, she left the money behind before giving them a night to say goodbye. The following day, she came back to pick up her master, but ended up being exposed as a demon to both Megumin and Yunyun. Things got complicated when Bukkororii showed up and Megumin blamed Arnes for her nightly explosions around the village, ending in Arnes running away from the many pursuing Crimson Demons with neither her master nor her money.[1]

Arnes later followed Megumin and her master to Arcanletia, but when she tried to force them into giving up her master while they were with Zesta and Cecily, she ended again exposed as a demon. Blamed by Zesta for the recent incident in which the city's hot springs were turned into Gelatinous Slime, she was subsequently hunted by the Axis cultists, and had to flee in face of Zesta's powerful evil-dispelling magic.[5]

Filled with hatred, Arnes tailed the caravan Megumin and Yunyun took to Axel, all the way releasing her demonic aura to drive monsters their way, so that Yunyun who had to fight them off would be exhausted of her magic. She proceeded to personally attack the caravan when it neared Axel, and beat up all the other adventurers guarding it. Using them and the other passengers as hostages, Arnes began forcing the weakened Yunyun and the Megumin who she thought cannot use magic into handing over her master, only to have Megumin throw the cat far away. Managing to catch her struggling master in mid-air, Arnes next prepared a powerful Cursed Lightning to kill the hated Megumin, who was prevented from retaliating by Yunyun because Chomusuke would be killed too. Yet at the next moment, she got distracted by a divine power appearing in Axel, allowing Chomusuke to escape. Arnes was subsequently hit by the Explosion that Megumin had been saving up for the occasion, which sent her back to Hell.[6]


Arnes is a High-Ranked Demon, a powerful immortal creature from Hell which fed off of negative emotions to survive. According to Megumin, it would've taken the combined effort of several Arch Wizards using advanced magic to defeat her. She is able to defeat around twenty adventurers simultaneously with her bare fists. However, because Arnes is a demon, she is weak to holy magic by priests.

Flight: Arnes has the ability to fly in the sky, using wings.

Aura Projection: As a High-Ranked Demon, Arnes can magically project her aura around herself in order to herd minor monsters.

Intermediate Magic: Arnes herself was a powerful mage who could use various intermediate-level spells. She had a large amount of mana, as she was able to conjure an extremely powerful Fireball that would've been capable of killing dozens of people despite being an intermediate spell.

  • Fireball: Shoots a ball of fire that detonates on the target.
  • Lightning: Summons a lightning bolt.

Advanced Magic: As a High-Ranked Demon, Arnes can also use advanced spells. Because of her high mana reserve, Arnes can use those spells with extraordinary power, being able of create a massive sphere of black lightning capable of engulfing a large field.

  • Cursed Lightning: Shoots a piercing bolt of black lightning.


Magical Bracelet: In the anime version, Arnes bought a magical bracelet from Hyoizaburoo and Yuiyui that should attract the person the user is seeking, but it actually attracts the scum of society.