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Arue (あるえ) is Megumin and Yunyun's former classmate and an aspiring author.


Like all Crimson Demons, Arue has dark brown hair and red pupils. She has shoulder-length hair drills. Also, she is consistently described as voluptuous, hardly looking the same age as her classmates.

Arue usually wears the basic Red Prison uniform, consisting of a pink shirt dress, a knee-length black cloak and a red and orange-striped tie, alongside black stockings, boat shoes, a purple bat-clip at the back of her head (in the anime she uses a ribbon) and the same eyepatch as Megumin.


Arue is a severe case of chuunibyou, even among the Crimson Demons. Obsessed about how to "look cool", she always strikes a very imposing pose, acts in a melodramatic way and speaks in a very eloquent tone. Arue usually puts so much effort on her acting she barely demonstrate any spontaneous reaction, unless someone causes extreme disgust or rage on her (like Bukkororii[1] and Kazuma,[2] respectively).

As an aspiring author, Arue is very inventive, creating fake stories and narratives (like her eyepatch being a seal for her real powers)[3] she mixes with reality, often to entertain her fellows or add drama to her speeches. Arue is so devoted to writing novels that she refuses any job not related to the written,[2] as well as is very sensitive to criticism of her manuscripts.[4] Arue also has great interests in real life elements she can use on her novels, as Megumin's adventures,[3] or people she can use as model for her characters, as Yunyun.[5]

Arue is also very proud of her overdeveloped body, bragging about her personal growth and describing herself as the "most voluptuous among the Crimson Demons" on her self-introduction, while does poses those emphasize these features.[6]


For Arue's history, see her History tab.


Like all Crimson Demons, Arue is a powerful arch wizard who mastered the Advanced Magic. According to the Megumin, Arue has almost as much magical power as her and Yunyun.

  • Intermediate Magic: Arue has access to intermediate magic in Fantastic Days and other games.[7]
    • Fireball: Shoots a ball of fire that detonates on the target.
  • Advanced Magic: Arue acquired Advanced Magic a few time after Megumin and Yunyun acquired Intermediate and Explosion Magic, respectively, using it in Fantastic Days and other games.
    • Cursed Lightning: Shoots a piercing bolt of black lightning.
    • Inferno: Summons enormous flames that incinerate the surrounding area.
    • Shining Eruption: Summons a pillar of light from the sky.


  • Her name originated from the song Arue.
  • Arue's birthday is on 28th March.
  • Although she was always behind Megumin and Yunyun in most of the school tests, for quizzes on Crimson Demons culture that required chuunibyou answers, she always exceeds the teachers' expectations and often get score marks of 100.[8]
  • Arue prefers the "Yunyun's Route" than "Kazuma's",[2] also teasing Megumin for her close relationship with Yunyun.[4]
  • She's the one who gave Megumin her eyepatch.[3]