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The Axis Order (アクシズ(きょう) Akushizu Kyō), also referred to as the Axis Cult (アクシズ教団(きょうだん) Akushizu Kyōdan) or the Axis Church (アクシズ教会(きょうかい) Akushizu Kyōkai), is a small religion that reveres the Goddess Aqua, and a rival church to Eris Order.


The Axis Order is a minor church from the Parallel World that follows the doutrine of the "minor goddess" Aqua. Since the cult has just a few hundreds followers around the world,[1] they often resort to schemes for converting new followers.

The sect's headquarter is in Arcanletia, where they use aggressive methods to convert the tourists, reason why they got a bad reputation, being known as a cult full of weirdos.[2] The sect is also responsible for managing the city's water control.[3]

The Axis Order main source of income was the hot springs in Arcanletia, however, after they were purified by Aqua, the sect's income become the holy water in the springs.


The Axis Order is a quite permissive cult, allowing practically anything their followers wish, as it teaches "forgiveness". Whatever the person is a lolicon, a NEET or a fury, if they aren't interested in undead or demons, doesn't break the law and has love at their heart, everything everything will be forgiven.[2] They even allow marriage with any non-demon or undead person.[4]

The sect believes in take the easiest way, since they might regret it later anyway.[5] They also doesn't believe in take responsibilies, intead telling their followers to blame society, their environment and even their genes for all their faults.[6] The Axis Order believes self-control is poisonous to the body as well.[7]

Axis Order also believe, once they die, they will reincarnate in the "promised land" called Japan, where their sexual orientation or pervertedness isn't just accepted, but themed by otaku culture.[8]


Headquartered in Arcanletia, the sect started to have problems converting new followers, duo to their not-so-cleaver convertion schemes. Luckily, one of their priests met Megumin, who, in exchange of a roof and food, taught them more cunning convertion schemes.[3]

After that, the sect became more aggressive on their approach. Additionally, members of the Axis Order openly discriminate those who choose not to join their sect, treating them with deep loathing and disrespect.[2]

In order to strike at Axis Order's source of income, the Devil King sent one of their Generals to poison the city hot springs. Although the scheme was stopped by Kazuma's party, the hot springs ended up purified, and the group, along main responsable, Aqua, were throw out the town.[9] Although the members didn't believe Aqua is their goddess, their pontiff realized the truth right afterwards,[10] and sent Cecily to keep an eye on her in secret.[11]

During the events of the Eris Appreciation Festival, Aqua decided to establish an Aqua Appreciation Festival alongside the Eris Festival.[12] On the contrary to the Eris Order's salesmanship and the conventional stalls, the Axis Order resorted to creating stalls with an extravagant facade to cover their scams, as some stalls claimed to sell Kraken even though they were just normal squid, while Aqua herself painted lizards and sold them as '"dragons". They also tried to implement a Pyramid Scheme in order to steal from Eris followers.[13]

When Aqua departed to defeat the Devil King by herself, the Axis Order, under Zesta's command, departed from Arcanletia to clean the way to the Devil King's Castle from its monsters, eventually meeting Kazuma's party and the Devil King's General Serena, capturing her, who was later forced to convert to the Axis Order to avoid being deflowered by the sect.[8] The Axis Order also joined the fight against the Devil King's Daughter in the Royal Capital.[14]






  • The Axis Order is responsible for many fake rumors about the Devil King, which may be a reason he is at war against mankind.[15]
  • They are also responsible by naming Wolbach a Dark God.[16]
  • After throwing their own goddess out of their town, they started to blame the Eris Order for the event.[17]
  • In Arcanletia, there is a rule that forbids the Axis Order members to get closer to children.[3]