Bakuen Volume 4 Cover
The Megumin Thieving Group
 Japanese 我ら、めぐみん盗賊団
 Romaji Warera, Megumin Touzokudan
 Pages 296 (Japanese)
 Release Date December 28, 2016
 ISBN 978-4-0410-4991-4
 Cover Megumin
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The Megumin Thieving Group ((われ)ら、めぐみん盗賊団(とうぞくだん), Warera, Megumin Touzokudan) is the first volume of the Zoku Bakuen light novel series and the fourth volume overall.


Set between the ninth and tenth novels of the main series, Megumin, inspired by the acts of the Silver Hair Thieving Group, forms a thieving party with Yunyun and Iris to aid them from behind the scenes. Later, Kazuma's party visits the home of the Tennessee family, a rival of the Dustinesses and led by a woman named Carleen. Suspicious about the monsters surrounding the estate, Kazuma, Chris, and Megumin infiltrate and confront Carleen, hoping to steal her divine weapon used to summon said monsters.


  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1: The Fresh and Elite Thieving Group
  • Chapter 2: The Growing Thieving Group
  • Chapter 3: The Wandering Thieving Group
  • Chapter 4: The Striking Thieving Group
  • Chapter 5: The Counter-Striking Thieving Group
  • Epilogue
  • Short Story: The Hardworking Thief Girl!
  • Short Story: The Militant Princess' Peacekeeping Activities
  • Short Story: The Value of a Young Girl is...



  • The author decided to write this volume after Megumin's runaway victory in the 2016 popularity poll.