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Bandits (山賊) are criminals who forms bands and attack travelers for their money.


Most bandits live by stealing and robbing people outside the cities. It is a rare job, since the hills are full of monsters, the person would need to be crazy to live there instead of fortified towns, and even if a person is strong enough to survive in a monster-infested area, they wouldn't resort to banditry, waiting and hoping for the next victim to show up, picking a more profitable and secure job like being an adventurer.

They usually stay out of the cities, where they are wanted and live constantly afraid of being found by the police or knights. It's possible to a bandit act inside the cities by keeping their identity a secret, like the Silver-Haired Thief Brigade.

Notable Bandit Bands[]

  • Silver-Haired Thief Brigade (銀髪盗賊団): Also known as Masked Thief Brigade (覆面盗賊団), it's the name given to the thief partnership formed between the disguised Chris and Kazuma for the purpose of stealing Divine Treasures ever since their first heist at the Royal Capital. Their bounties are large, equivalent to a Devil King's General.
  • Megumin Bandits (めぐみん盗賊団): A bandit crew assembled by Megumin after she became infatuated with the thief that was actually Kazuma in disguise, and apart from herself is comprised of Yunyun, Illis, Cecily, and Chris.


  • Bandits are consider as a rare type of humanoid-monster who drops money after being defeated. They are even rarer than Duxions[1].

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