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Beldia (ベルディア) was a Dullahan and one of the Devil King's Generals. Ordered to investigate a mysterious light that appeared in Axel, he took up residence at a local castle but was constantly harassed by Megumin exploding his castle daily until he snapped and tried to destroy the city, leading to a battle with Kazuma's party.


Beldia is a headless undead knight clad in dark grey armour who rides a black headless horse.


As a former Knight, Beldia kept much of his honor even after becoming a undead. He didn't enjoy to mistreat the weak, as Beldia was willing to spare Axel since it is home from begginers and inexperienced adventures.[1] Also, for such reason, instead of attacking the adventurers directly, he summoned his minions, what is a tradition in the Devil King's Army, just starting to fight once they proved their strength by defeating his Undead Knights.[2]

Because of his days as Knight, Beldia was a very patient person as well, as he suppressed his anger by his castle being daily nuked by Megumin until he couldn't take it anymore, which took an entire week. Even angry, Beldia was willing to forgive Megumin from her constant Explosions with just a lecture.[1] He was also deferential, respecting Darkness' sacrifice, protecting her party member from his Herald Death, getting mad by such sacrifice being supposedly ignored by her fellows.[2]

However, as a Devil King's General and undead, Beldia became a merciless and even sadistic adversary, killing many begginer adventurers without hesitation in Axel,[2] as well as feeling pleasure by tormenting his opponents with his Herald Death, as when Beldia cursed both Darkness[1] and Wiz's former party members.[3] Although he was a Knight, Beldia was willing to merciless hit a woman, not hesitating in his fight against Darkness.[2]


Futhermore, although Beldia used to have a imposing and serious aura, he actually had a pervert personality, as Beldia used to constantly throw his head under Wiz shirt in order to peep her underwear.[4] He was also very lively, as Beldia used to harass Wiz, as well as greeting both Wiz and Sylvia in the Afterlife,[5][6] full of animation. He was very harm and compassionate toward animals too.[7]


Beldia was once an honourable knight who was unjustly executed, and his grudge over this matter transformed him into a Dullahan. Later on at some unknown point in time, he joined the Devil King's Army, and had one time fought Wiz's party before cursing them all to die, only to remove the curse after Wiz transformed into a Lich and beat him up.[3] The Devil King afterwards sent him to Axel for investigating a mysterious light that had suddenly appeared, which was actually caused by Aqua's appearance in their world.[2]

After scouting out the area surrounding Axel by himself and discovering the abandoned castle to be a good base of operations,[8] Beldia returned to the Devil King's Castle before heading back there with an army of Undead Knights, which caused all majors cities of Belzerg that were unsure of his goal to uneasily keep their forces on standby.[9]

Bad News

Subsequent to Beldia's forces settling into the abandoned castle, the local weak monsters all laid low in fear of his presence, which in effect did away with a lot of quests that beginner adventurers rely on for a living. Then after enduring recurring daily Explosions which were not only a great nuisance but damaged the castle faster than he and his grunts could repair them, Beldia finally couldn't take it, and so journeyed to Axel for demanding the idiot to stop the Explosions. Megumin though refused his demand, so in fury Beldia casted a curse that would kill her after a week, only to have Darkness take the curse in her place. Although initially pleased to have Megumin tormented by the imminent death of her party member, Beldia was soon unnerved by Darkness' fantasies of the perverted things he would do to her, and was saved from having her follow him back solely because the apologetic Kazuma was restraining the perverted Crusader. He accordingly promised to undo the curse if Megumin managed to reach him at the castle after defeating his army, before returning to make the preparations.[1]

However, not only did nobody arrive at the castle even when the deadline of Darkness' death had passed, but the daily Explosions still continued. Angered at both the ongoing harassment and the party dishonourably leaving their member to die, Beldia again headed for Axel to call on those misdeeds. Yet after Kazuma chastised Megumin and Aqua for the Explosions, Beldia got a nasty shock when he saw Darkness still very much alive as a result of the curse already Broken by Aqua, who casted an unbelievably powerful Turn Undead that despite the wards on him from the Devil King still caused immense pain. He subsequently sent his army of Undead Knights to slaughter the inhabitants of Axel, only to have them all ignore his command and instead chase after a fleeing Aqua.[2]


Following his army being wiped out by Megumin's Explosion, Beldia was surrounded and attacked by a number of adventurers, yet by throwing his head into air to observe the whole battlefield, he was able to deftly cut them all down. He next cursed the mages attacking him, then began cutting at Darkness who despite unable to hit him fantasized in a way unnerving to him, before defying Kazuma and other Thieves' attempts to Steal his sword.


But just as he was about to kill Darkness, Kazuma upon recalling that Undeads are susceptible to water teamed up with other mages to Create Water at Beldia, though the Dullahan managed to dodge all the water, until Aqua flooded the area with Sacred Create Water. Severely weakened, Beldia ended up having his head Stolen by Kazuma and used for soccer, followed by Aqua's Sacred Turn Undead completely purifying him from existence.[2] Beldia was later seen by Wiz at the other side of the river calling for her when she was lingering on the edge of death,[10] and continued muttering to her soon afterwards as she approached death again.[5][11]

Hans&Beldia Game

A copy of him in the form of a physical illusion originating from the traumatic memories of Kazuma's party was also spawned by the Mystery Tower, first glimpsed by Darkness at the midpoint of their trek up, and later making a full appearance at the top floor alongside Hans. As they fought the hated party and their companions, whenever one illusion was defeated he would immediately be regenerated by the other. But Kazuma then instructed Aqua to purify Beldia at the same time Wiz froze Hans, which took out both illusions at once. While the fake Beldia was about to disappear, he rolled his head to peek up the skirts of some accompanying female members of the party as a final act, which in effect expediated his demise when the upset women stomped his head.[12]

In the anime, Beldia along with Hans reached from the river to pull Sylvia over to their side after the Growth Chimera was shot clean through by the Railgun, yet Sylvia's will to live instead dragged them back into the world of the living in a chimeric body composed from characteristics of all three Devil King's Generals and the Mage-Killer. Beldia proceeded to join Sylvia in seeking revenge on Kazuma's party as well as battle Wiz and Vanir, though he was in the end blown back into death alongside Sylvia by Megumin and Yunyun.[6]


Being one of the Devil King's Generals, Beldia is naturally much stronger than most of the other creatures which adventurers regularly face. His durability is such that he could survive both Megumin's Explosion and Aqua's Sacred Create Water, while still having enough energy to keep fighting. Additionally his swordsmanship and fighting skills allowed him to easily battle and even kill several adventurers without suffering a single blow.

Greatsword: According to Wiz, Beldia's swordsmanship is impressive even among the Devil King's Generals.

Herald Death: A deadly curse that will kill its target within a week or a month. It is extremely potent, seemingly only curable by those with divine powers.

Summon Undead Knights: Beldia is capable of quickly summoning a group of undead knights; However, he does not have full control of their actions and is only able to give them simple commands.

Evasion: By throwing his head into the air, and suspending it, Beldia is capable of having a birds eye view of the battlefield. He can skillfully evade and counter attack any opponents caught in his sight.

Unlimited Strength: Beldia boasts the unlimited strength of the undead, being able of easy overwhelming Darkness, and defeated numerous rookie adventures with a superhuman speed.

Holy Magic Resistance: Thanks to Devil King's protection, Beldia has a high resistance against Holy Magic, being able to survive both Aqua's Turn Undead and Sacred Turn Undead (but not without damage). He can also resist low-level skills like Kazuma's Steal.


Running Water: Like other high-ranked undead and vampires, Beldia's weakness is water, as getting hit by Aqua's Sacred Create Water weakened him enough to Holy Magic works against him.


  • The Devil King used to have headaches with Beldia constantly "forgetting" his head in the bath of his daughter.[13]
  • In the initial web novel, Beldia's head was Stolen by Chris.