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Belzerg Stylish Sword Iris (ベルゼルグ・スタイリッシュ・ソード・アイリス), usually referred to as just Iris (アイリス), is the princess of the Kingdom of Belzerg.


Iris is a young girl with skin as unblemished and clear as porcelain, blue eyes, straight long blonde hair, free flowing for the most part but partially braided on the right side of her face. She has a air of class and delicacy, and looks a bit older than she actually is.

Around her head, she wears some sort of green headband, decorated with grapes and leaves. She also wears a long white dress with a cleavage, blue ribbon on the waist, a blue skirt and white pantyhose.

When Iris will fight, she uses a white shirt and a black short skirt alongside a blue armor composed by plackart, pauldrons, brassarts and greaves.


Iris is very kind and cheerful, almost always seen with a smile on her face.

As the princess, Iris puts on a very polite facade, treating everyone with respect. Iris always restrains herself, and acts like model royalty, is obedient, and won’t give trouble to others. She is dedicated to her kingdom and was willing to enter an arranged marriage for the future of her kingdom.

At heart, however, Iris is very tomboyish, with an adventurous spirit that is kindled by Kazuma's stories he tells when he visits and/or stays in the castle.


Because of the fact that the royal family has adopted heroes into its bloodline on many occasions, Iris is blessed with the many abilities of her powerful ancestors. These skills are on par with the cheats granted to the Japanese who are reincarnated. As well as possessing many powerful skills Iris has an incredibly high level due to consuming rare food since childhood. Her level is currently around 60.

  • Exterion: Exterion is a sword skill passed down for generations by the Belzerg clan and can only be used by those that Calibur recognizes. A sword strike that unleashes a powerful shock wave, typically slicing a target cleanly in half. She is able to vary its power, as it has been used to cut through a sword in a spar, and to destroy a massive castle gate.
  • Sacred Lightning Blare: A powerful spell which Iris doesn't need Calibur to use. A beam of pure light shines on the victim, followed by a bolt of white lightning accompanied by a harsh gale. This spell is powerful enough to slaughter a mob of golems in a single blast.
  • Sacred Explode: A special technique passed down through the Belzerg clan that can only be used with the Calibur. Iris charges up a great deal of magic power and releases it in a devastating sword strike, capable of laying low a Golden Dragon in one strike. She specifies that it is in no way related to Explosion magic.


Calibur: The sword that Iris wields, a divine tool passed down by her ancestors, considered to be a national treasure. It is said to guard the wielder from all abnormal effects and curses.


  • Iris's birthday, September 6th, is celebrated as a national holiday in the Kingdom of Belzerg.