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Rqwe1 Rqwe1 9 December 2020


Using this resource, Megumin can pay to be strong enough to defeat an army and its General. Pay to win at its finest, and Kazuma was saying it all along.

Prior to learning explosion magic, she was impoverished and often took care of her younger sister whilst their parents were away. Both would rarely get any food due to their aforementioned poverty. Regardless, Megumin possessed great reserves of natural mana, giving her the potential to be one of the stronger mages of her generation. Together with her compulsory education on magic and its related fields, Megumin had been projected to be her generation's number one archmage.

Despite herself, Megumin had seemed prideful and thus seemed to push others away, based on Funifura and Dodonko's word…

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Blackivory96 Blackivory96 17 August 2019

Has Megumin turned 15 yet?

She said she is almost 15 in volume 9,so has she hit 15 yet? 

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Kamikaze1234 Kamikaze1234 8 May 2019

Do you even think that there SEASON 3

Is there even SEASON 3,Next at Isekai Quartet......at 2020.

It's just a prediction however,

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Logan87654321 Logan87654321 12 December 2018

Volume 15 will be the only one to "feature" Aqua.

Volume 15 will pretty much be the only light novel thus far to actually have Aqua as a focal point. What makes this interesting is that, despite being arguably one of the main heroines and most definitely the 2nd most popular female character, she's had a novel "dedicated" to her per se. We've seen multiple with both Megumin and Darkness, as well as at least one for Wiz, Eris, and Iris (Eris and Iris both have 2!). While the latter 3 can most definitely be considered tertiary characters to the series, or just main supporting characters (along with Yunyun of course), they've been the main focus of various novels as previously alluded to.

Just thought this was interesting, especially so for me since Aqua is my waifu and because of the fact th…

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Hyper-Intellectual Hyper-Intellectual 16 October 2018

Where are all of my dogs at?

This blog post is pointless, but I cant remove it!

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SageM SageM 25 June 2018

Konosuba Feature Film

Well its seems like we will getting some more animated adventures from the Konosuba cast, as a feature film has just been announced. While no release date for the film is given, its still worth waiting for-


Looks like were going to need to add a new page for this film when more information becomes available.

The entire cast has been announced to be returning for the film, as well as the crew that helped animate the series.

What do you think it will likely be about? And do you think we might see some of the other characters that appeared later in the series, like Iris or the other Generals?

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Shades3619 Shades3619 1 February 2018

Volume 6

Honestly i read this volume and frankly its just my favorite so far. Seing Kazuma use his abilities in such clever ways during the robbery was so cool, and i really think princess iris is a cool character. i hope to see more from her!

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Vizard6991 Vizard6991 30 January 2017

Speculation/Subtle Details

  • 1 Episode 1
  • 2 Episode 2
  • 3 Episode 3
  • 4 Episode 4
  • 5 Episode 5
  • 6 Episode 6
  • 7 Episode 7
  • 8 Episode 8
  • 9 Episode 9
  • 10 Episode 10
  • 11 Episode OVA
  • 12 Season 2 Episode 1
  • 13 Season 2 Episode 1

There are a lot subtle details in anime, where they are either explained or heavily implied in the Light Novels. While it is not necessary to know those, some of those details will bring extra chuckles to the people who do notice them:

  • As a goddess, Aqua is suppose to be one of the most beautiful female character in the series.
  • To learn the language of Fantasy World instantaneously, they load the person's brain with all the necessary information; the process could severely damage the brain of the incarnated. We saw Aqua quickly gloss over the side effect, and "accidentally" covered the war…

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Vizard6991 Vizard6991 20 January 2017


Hi guys, nice to meet you all. Names is Vizard, and I'm an new admin here...but you can just call me insert blank. hahaha

I'll probably update with more stuff later, but here are some questions I've seen flying around so far, and things I want to say for now.

In regards to the episodes, trivia should keep major speculation on spoilers to a minimum, since opinions vary from individual. The same opinion might not be shared by the same person, so to prevent future arguments, they should be left out. They trivia section should be more like Easter Egg facts.

As for the distinction between plot and summary, summary is around 3-4 sentences, while plot is as lengthy as the writer chooses. While it may seem repetitive to some, that is where the beauty…

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H4xolotl H4xolotl 15 January 2017



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Viperys-fduser Viperys-fduser 11 November 2016

Konosuba Crack Theory (careful, spoilers)

Crackpot theory time! What if if Kazuma isn't the one who forced Aqua to descend?

What got me thinking is that Eris spends at least some of her time at work basically playing RPG-s. Why isn't she replaced? Remember, Konosuba's world requires actual managing god approval on resurrection for it to succeed. Sending a goddess down to a shitty place like that wonderful world hardly can be done without some authorization from above. 

Look at the situation this way:

>You are a boss at some angelic department doing soul managing work for several universes.

>A friend of yours is calling an old debt: his daughter is looking for work.

>Problem is she's lazy, carefree and unmotivated.

>Okay, you say, I can put this chick under my wing doing simple work, hard …

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Viperys-fduser Viperys-fduser 1 September 2016


Sup guys, i'm working a lot lately and am not able to help you with wiki. But i am still checking edits and mail time to time, so if you have any questions\requests, drop by and feel free to start a discussion.

Cheers! Viperys (talk) 05:37, September 1, 2016 (UTC)

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H4xolotl H4xolotl 5 February 2016


hello konosuba wiki 5/2/16

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