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Brad (ブラッド) is a Swordmaster who was one of Wiz's adventuring companions.[1]


Brad has short dark hair. He wears armour with a black chest plate, light colored shoulder guards, and a cape.


Brad has a straightforward and confident way of speaking. He cares about the wellbeing of his party mates, and generally tries to keep them calm and rational. He becomes very emotional with any matters involving Rosary; he is left despondent when he thinks she's insulting him and becomes wildly flustered when his attraction to her is brought up. However, he put very little effort to avert his gaze when she was put into a risqué position.


Brad was one of Wiz's adventurer companions during her youth alongside Rosary, Karen, and Yukinori. During a quest into a dungeon near the Royal Capital with Wiz and Rosary to hunt one of the Devil King's Generals, they met Vanir who teased them by voicing out some of their embarrassing thoughts, including Brad's wish to marry a party member. When they returned to fight Vanir roughly once every week, Brad was shown all sorts of lewd performances by Rosary's body under the Demon's possession, or tricked by the proposals from Wiz who was actually the shapeshifted Duke of Hell.

During the month Wiz trapped Vanir into an unbreakable magic barrier that also rendered him untouchable, Brad joined the others into fighting Beldia, and as a result was cursed to die within a month, though he was later spared from that fate thanks to Wiz's sacrifice. Brad had since settled down, married Rosary and fathered a child.[2]


As a high level Swordmaster and member of one of the most powerful adventuring parties, Brad is presumable a formidable fighter.