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Bukkororii (ぶっころりー, Bukkororī) is a member of the Crimson Demons and the son of the shoe-shop owner, who is also Megumin's next-door neighbor.[1]


Bukkororii is a young man with light-black hair and crimson red eyes, a trait he shares with the rest of the Crimson Demons. His hair is chin-level and very messy as he never bothers to comb it. Like all other Crimson Demons, Bukkororii's eyes glow intensely when experiencing some kind of emotional rush.

He wears long blue pants, a long-sleeved button-upped shirt with a brown waistcoat over it, an orange cravat, a knee-length brown cape, a waist apron, rubber shoes, and finger-less gloves.


Like most Crimson Demons, Bukkororii has chuunibyou tendencies. He often introduces himself to strangers in a dramatic fashion and tries to pull cool-looking poses. Also, like many other Crimson Demons, Bukkororii is a NEET who failed to assume his father's business, spending most of his time lazing around his house or "patroling the village", making up excuses to do nothing, as being waiting for the right moment to show his real powers to the world.

Also, as a NEET, Bukkororii doesn't have the guts or social skills to interact or confess to the others. Because of his lack of social skills, he usually makes inappropriate or creepy remarks while talking to other people. Also, once Bukkororii is embarrassed or frustrated, he will shut himself at home for days, depressed.[2][3]

Bukkororii is also completely infatuated with Soketto, the most beautiful girl in the Crimson Demon Village, becoming her stalker and using his abundant free time to "investigate" Soketto's daily routine, even making bizarre plans to get closer to or peep her.[2]


Bukkororii was born in the Crimson Demon Village as the son of the Village's best (and only) shoemaker and destined to one day take up his father's mantle as the Village's shoemaker, though Bukkororii in fact wanted to live a more dramatic life. Like other Crimson Demons, Bukkororii was born with incredible magical potency and as such was able to obtain advanced magic at a young age. Since childhood he has been friends with his next-door neighbor Megumin, whom he sees as a little sister,[2] though there were also times of rivalry such as when he got shoved in the pond by her and broke into tears.[4]

After graduating from school Bukkororii became a NEET who spent most of his time lazing around or stalking Soketto, sometimes even coming up with pathetic schemes to get close to her (such as how in the anime he dug a pit deep enough to trap Soketto within when she falls into it, which will then allow him to hold her hand once he timely shows up to pull her out, though he himself ended up trapped in the pit after its completion, and was abandoned there by Megumin's class despite him saving them from a Gargoyle due to how creepy he acted)[5]. Later prowling around Megumin's home (and in the anime after he Teleported to the school's library where Megumin's class buried him with books for acting disturbingly)[6] he secured the help of Megumin and Yunyun through food to help him approach Soketto, though the initial idea of hunting for the liver of a One-Punch Bear to pay Soketto for telling his fortune failed. Following some subsequent failures, including Bukkororii accidently blowing Soketto away with Tornado during her training and hitting her with Inferno when trying to save her from One-Punch Bears, he got beaten up by the enraged fortune teller. Despite Soketto afterwards agreeing to divine his future lover's identity for free, Bukkororii ran off heartbroken when nobody showed up in her crystal ball.[2]

In the period since then, Bukkororii began approaching Komekko with food, much to Megumin's concern, though it was not without risks especially when caught by his father.[4] He also out of boredom wrote A Certain Necro's Note which he later handed to Komekko, promising to give her stamps if she followed through with its instructions.[7] Around the time of his participation at the failed ritual by the villagers to reseal the Dark God,[8] Bukkororii also formed a militia of vigilantes alongside other village layabouts, which they referred to as an "Anti-Devil King Army Guerrilla Unit" called "Red-Eye Dead Slayers", and used the thin excuse of "patrolling" to lay around town, though pretty soon it became a burden when they had to search the nearby forests for the culprit who kept casting Explosions every night.[9] After one such Explosion, Bukkororii came across a battered Megumin carried by Yunyun, and heard from the petite Archwizard how they witnessed a female Demon with a hot body to be the culprit.[9] The next day when patrolling around Megumin's home (due to the effects of Hyoizaburoo's bracelet in the anime)[10], Bukkororii ran into Arnes who totally matched the description Megumin gave, so along with other Crimson Demons he drove her off with a barrage of advanced magic.[11]

One day in the following year when Bukkororii and his vigilantes were busy fending off the repeated attacks from the Devil King's Army led by Sylvia, he noticed an Explosion in the forest along the trail leading to the village, so they Teleported there in time to save Kazuma and his gang from some soldiers working for the Devil King.[12] They then helped transport the visitors straight back to the village, though Bukkororii subsequently played a trick on Yunyun when the chieftain's daughter pointed out how they disappeared by turning themselves invisible, and got chased away by Aqua as a result.[13]

Bukkororii was also present to fight off Sylvia's secret attack the next day,[14] as well as rush to the underground warehouse for storing weapons after Kazuma locked Sylvia inside.[15] Later as Sylvia merged with the Mage-Killer razed the village, Bukkororii also joined in the resistance to buy Kazuma time for discovering the counter weapon[15] (and in the anime let Wiz drain his magical power so she could empower Megumin and Yunyun's final attack)[14]. Some time afterwards, he and his vigilantes were asked to deal with the Mecha Owl Monsters appearing around the village, which Hiropon ordered to be swatted on sight.[16]

During the Devil King's Daughter's attack on the Royal Capital, Bukkororii appeared to be part of the Crimson Demons force taking part in its defence.[17]


Advanced Magic: Like all Crimson Demons, Bukkororii is a powerful Arch Wizard who mastered Advanced Magic. However, duo the fact he doesn't know Intermediate or Basic Magic, he can't restrain the power of his own spells.

  • Inferno: Summons enormous flames that incinerate the surrounding area.
  • Light of Reflection: A spell that uses light refraction to turn the target invisible.
  • Light of Saber: Creates a beam of light that cleanly slices the target.
  • Tornado: Summons a devastating tornado.
  • Burning Flash: Summons a tornado of lightning capable of annihilating everything in its path.

Teleport: Instantaneously transports up to 4 targets to a marked locations. Each user can have 3 marked locations for teleportation, which Bukkororii selected to be the village entrance, doorway of Soketto's home, and the library of Red Prison.