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Cecily (セシリー) is a Priestess of the Axis Order who worships the Goddess Aqua, serving under the Arch Priest Zesta in Arcanletia.[1] She was eventually promoted to lead the Axis Order's Axel branch.[2]


Cecily has long flowing blonde hair and matching blue eyes. As a member of the Axis Order, she usually wears the blue nun attire worn by devotees of the religion.

She is also described as quite attractive by Kazuma.


As a lively and devout member of the Axis Order, Cecily is a impetuous person who is true to her desires. She is vain, declaring herself "the most beautiful axis priest"; and loafer, spending most of her time sleeping, eating, getting drunk or even picking up a fight. Also, like other Axis cultists, Cecily is a scammer who uses fraudulent schemes to convert new followers. However, because she blows money with Gelatinous Slime, Cecily lives a life of poverty.[3]

Cecily is also a lachivous person obsessed with "li'l sister" types, fantasing about one day marry a rich man in order to sustain a "li'l sisters" harem. For such reason, she feels attracted by both young-looking women, like Megumin, and handsome rich guys, like Mitsurugi, hitting on and harassing such types persistently. She also tries to be called "big sister" by the "li'l sisters".

Furthermore, Cecily hates the Eris Church, often tormenting their followers by spreading fake rumors about them or blaming them for her problems, as well as vandalizing their churches and property.[1] Also, according to the Axis Order's doutrine, she despises both undead and demons, often yelling that "demons must die" while pursuing them.[4]

Although Cecily looks like an airhead, she actually is extremely intuitive. Unlike the rest of the Axis Order, Cecily managed to realize that Aqua is her goddess upon first glance,[2] and also recognized Claire's passion for Iris as similar to her own passion for the "li'l sister" types.[5] However, Cecily gets distracted sometimes, as when she didn't notice Wiz is an undead because she was busy paying attention to Wiz's bust size and beauty.[6]


For Cecily's history, see her History tab.


Holy Magic: At first Cecily barely remember any spell beyond the healing spell, although it seems to be more effective than the one used by Eris Church priests in Axel. However, she eventually hit a level that allowed her take on the Axel brand of Axis Church.

  • Blessing: A spell that increases luck.
  • Heal: Instantly heals a person's wounds.
  • Create Water: Shoots a jet of pure and clean water from atmospheric moisture. Cecily can use it in Fantastic Days like other Axis Order members.


  • Cecily is depicted as younger in the game Fantastic Days than the novels.[7]
  • Cecily's birthday is 12th January.