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Cecily (セシリー) is a priestess of the Axis Order who worships the Goddess Aqua, serving under the arch-priest Zesta in Arcanletia. She was eventually promoted to lead the Axis Cult's Axel branch.


Cecily has long flowing blonde hair and matching blue eyes. As a member of the Axis Order, she usually wears the blue nun attire worn by devotees of the religion.

She is also described as quite attractive by Kazuma.


Cecily has a mischievous demeanor, often indulging in fraudulent scams and over consumption despite her appearance of a nun. Nevertheless, underneath it all, she is still a devout member of the Axis Church and follows the commandments of her church.

She also has an attraction to young girls which she doesn't try to cover up at all. Her fantasy is to marry a handsome, rich man and have little girls dote on her all day.

She has quite good observational skills because unlike the majority of the other Axis cultists, Cecily recognized Aqua's identity upon first glance.


  • Priest Magic: Cecily is a priestess of the Axis Order and can therefore use common clerical magic in the name of Aqua to destroy undead and support her allies.
    • Blessing: Cecily can use Blessing, a spell that can be used on herself or somebody else. Blessing temporarily boosts the target's luck stat.
    • Heal: Heals user or ally.