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Charlie is a boss in Konosuba: Fantastic Days. He is a troll.


In his human form, Charlie is a overweight and petite man with black hair and a smile face, using a red bow tie, blue vest and green suit. In his real form, he is a giant green troll, with a bald head, red eyes, sharp teeth and giant mouth and tongue.


Charlie is very obsessed with dancers, but not at the same point of his boss, more common sense than him, often being the real mastermind of Daniel's plan, being loyal to Daniel's will. He's also very insistent and proud.


A former member of Demon King's Army, Charlie serves as advisor to the Troll Lord Daniel, traveling around the world, collecting information about dancers to his master, and assisting his master to get the weapon he desired, alongside a glove to prevent it's side effects. After Charlie and Daniel were defeated and lost the gloves, Charlie merged with Daniel in order to help him use the weapon full power.


As an Elite Troll, Charlie as superhuman strength and durability, being able to survive to Megumin's Explosion.


  • Charlie is one of the original characters created to KonoSuba: Fantastic Days game.