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Chekera (ちぇけら) is a member of the Crimson Demons, who owns the Crimson Demon Village's foremost (and only) tailor shop.[1]


Chekara is a middle-aged man who sports a fashionable hairstyle and outfit in the style of Elvis coupled with a cloak, despite his pot belly ruining it all.


Like all Crimson Demons, Chekera has chuunibyou tendencies, being an attention seeker. When introducing himself to a new person he will wear a cloak and use wind magic to make himself seem dramatic.

He is described as one of the unemployed and worthless citizens of the village.


The owner of the only tailor shop in the village, Chekera was the proud inheritor of a "legendary pole" used for hanging out clothes to dry. He was also known to engage in worthless pursuits, such as the petrification of Gargoyles to display as "bonsai". When the Gargoyles began returning to normal and running amok around the village due to the unsealing of the Dark God, Chekara joined in a defence militia that indiscriminately blasted all the monsters away and in the process destroyed the village, which he had to help rebuild overnight.[2] During the rampage of the Servants of the Dark God, he also took part in their cleansing.[3]

After Megumin's graduation, Chekera allowed her to help at his shop by dying cloth through pouring magic into them, though he then had her fired because she poured too much magic and brought them to the verge of exploding.[1]
(In the anime however, he was too late to stop her from causing an explosion, which prompted him into firing her. When Arnes later showed up at Megumin's home, Chekera was one of the worthless men attracted there by her bracelet. Thinking that she was the one responsible for the recent string of nightly Explosions around the village, he teamed up with the other similarly worthless village men into chasing the traumatised Demon off)[4]

Railgun to the clothing store

During the period the Devil King's Army under the command of Sylvia attacked the village, Chekera mostly worked to produce the cloaks ordered by Megumin, then as she returned to the village and collected her order, showed the visiting Kazuma and Aqua the "legendary pole".[5] When Sylvia razed the village after she acquired the Mage-Killer, he and other villagers put on a stalwart defence[6] (whereas in the anime, he helped Kazuma retrieve the "legendary pole" which turned out to be the Railgun built for countering the Mage-Killer, and later transferred his magical powers to Wiz so that she could pass it on to Megumin and Yunyun)[7].


Advanced Magic: Like all Crimson Demons, Chekera is a powerful arch wizard who mastered the Advanced Magic.

  • Freeze Bind: Traps the targets in the surrounding area on ice.
  • Light of Saber: Creates a beam of light that cleanly slices the target.