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Chunchunmaru Anime

Chunchunmaru (ちゅんちゅん丸 Chunchunmaru) is the custom-made sword wielded by Kazuma.


When Kazuma asked a blacksmith in Axel to teach him the Smithing skill, he also put down an order to fashion a new custom sword designed like a Japanese katana. Taking his party to pick up the unnamed sword upon its completion (which in the anime he had trouble wielding until it got shortened to the length of a wakizashi)[1], Kazuma pondered branding a name upon it based on famous Japanese swords, only to have Megumin without his permission brand on the name "Chunchunmaru", which sounded absurd to everyone except for the Crimson Demons who thought it cool.[2]

After Axel Hearts won the dance contest and wished to gift Kazuma something for all his efforts as their producer, at Yunyun's suggestion they gathered a special sap from the forest around the Crimson Demon Village capable of removing the name brand on weapons so that Kazuma can rename his sword. Yet just as the grateful Kazuma was about to speak his sword's new name, Megumin piped in to call it "Chunchunmaru" again.[3]

Although Chunchunmaru was tough enough not to break during battle, and even survived the stomach acid of the Kowloon Hydra,[4] it remained to the end a common sword that didn't offer Kazuma any special buffs in combat.[5]

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