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Ciruelto Accord Reuentahl (ロイエンタール・アコード・シルエルト), usually known as Cielo (シエロ), is a playable character in Fantastic Days. She's a member of the idol group Axel Hearts, and a adventurer.


Cielo is a short young woman with golden hair with a boyish cut and green eyes. She resembles a young boy, being described as a "boyich girl" by herself.

She usually dresses a dark green sheeveless feather dress with a white bow and a black obi, alongside a green robe with long sleeves and exposed shoulders. Cielo also uses grey pantyhose and black and green wellies.


Cielo has an introverted and shy personality, however she has androphobia, and while Cielo usually interacts normally with men like Kazuma, she freaks out if a guy tries to touch her or get too closer, punching or kicking him on pure instinct. Her fear of men comes down to the point she can't shake a man's hand without wearing 50 gloves during her shows handshaking sessions.

Furthermore, while Cielo is usually gentle, she is a "coaching freak" with a "muscle-brain", being obsessed about hard-core training, often forcing those around her to train at the slightest signal of sloppiness.


First-born of a noble family, Cielo was raised as a boy by her parents, as they expected one for their firstborn heir, until they have a male child. She was trained on martial arts since she was a child, and her family brutal rules, plus the bullying of another boys, caused Cielo's androphobia. Because of her short size, she usually attracted bullying, which may have caused her androphobia.

At some point, she joined alongside Lia and Erika to the idol group Axel Hearts, in order to overcome her phobia.


Holy Magic: As an Arch Priest, Cielo can use both healing and support magic to help her companions.

  • Heal: Instantly heals a person's wounds.
    • Sacred Highness Heal: Greater healing spell. It can restore erased memories.
  • Protection: A spell that increases defense.

Martial Arts: Cielo has training in martial arts.

Idol: Like her idol companions, Cielo has "goddess-like" singing and dancing skills.

  • Wind Rondo: A wind dancing spell.


  • Cielo is one of the original characters created for the game KonoSuba: Fantastic Days.
  • The territory of Cielo's family is near Elroad, and because of that, she comes from a very rich family, even for the nobility standard.
  • Her birthday is on November 19.