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Claire (クレア, Kurea) is a noble that hails from the high-ranking House Shinfornea. She serves as a bodyguard and retainer for Princess Iris of the Kingdom of Belzerg, as well as a knight for the Kingdom.


Like most nobles, Claire has beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair with a blue lock. Her hair is short and mostly free-flowing, with the exception of a single braid on the right side of her head; she has side swept bangs that cover her right eye. Kazuma has noted that Claire is very beautiful and she has the kind of voluptuous body he prefers, although not as voluptuous as Darkness.

Claire usually wears a full white suit with gold trimming designed for males and a blue necktie, even when going on adventures, which has earned her the nickname "White Suit". However she will wear a less conspicuous blue knight outfit whenever she is travelling incognito. She always carries a short sword around her waist.


Claire is depicted as a very serious person, perhaps "too serious" as commented by Iris. She can go as far as attacking someone directly if she believes said person to be harming Iris, with no second thought, as seen with her slashing Darkness right off the bat when Darkness demanded Iris to apologize to Kazuma, despite the fact that Darkness is a noble of similar status to herself.

Claire's personality is that of a typical noble possessing a degree of authority. She shows a typical respect and kind attitude to people she believes are ideally strong and powerful both in combat (people like Mitsurugi and Vanir) and in society (nobles and royalties). However, she tends to look down on people with low social status. She will show incredible hostility to people she has deemed as delinquents, like Dust and especially Kazuma.

Claire has a weird obsession for anything concerning Iris. She constantly wants to be with Iris, feeling an unusual overflow of emotion on the thought of sleeping together or taking a bath together with Iris. She even goes as far as counting the amount of times Iris yawns, or the number of peas that Iris sets aside in her plate. Sometimes she wears gold earrings with a diamond.

After the events of Volume 11, Claire grew extremely terrified of Kazuma due to her finding out his true fighting prowess.