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Claire Field Symphonia (シンフォニア・フィールド・クレア), usually referred to as just Claire (クレア), is a noble that hails from the high-ranked Symphonia House. She is a Knight who serves as retainer (alongside Rain), as well as bodyguard, for Princess Iris of the Kingdom of Belzerg.


Like most nobles, Claire has beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair with a blue lock. Her hair is short and mostly free-flowing, with the exception of a single braid on the right side of her head; she has side swept bangs that cover her right eye. Kazuma has noted that Claire is very beautiful and she has the kind of voluptuous body he prefers, although not as voluptuous as Darkness.[1]

Claire usually wears a full white suit with gold trimming designed for males and a blue necktie, even when going on adventures, which has earned her the nickname "White Suit". However she will wear a less conspicuous blue knight outfit whenever she is travelling incognito. She always carries a short sword around her waist. Sometimes she wears gold earrings with a diamond.


Claire is, according to Kazuma, a competent, but "too serious" person.[2] Claire is so rigorous with her job as Iris' bodyguard that she is willing to attack without a second thought anyone who disrespects the Princess, even a noble of the same rank as herself, like Darkness.[1] Claire also overreacts to her own mistakes,[2] as well as overdoes her tasks when Iris asks her something.[3] She was overprotective too, although after Iris became a Dragon Slayer, she convinced Claire to be more flexible (with great regret).[4]

As a noble, Claire tends to be supercilious, treating in a cordial manner respected figures in the kingdom, like the renowned hero Mitsurugi,[5] or other nobles and the royalty, while looking down on people with low social status, like the plebes. Claire will also show hostility to people she has deemed delinquents, like Dust[6] and especially Kazuma. Claire also has no common sense, since she never interacts with the commoners.

Claire loses her head when the subject is Iris, who she is infatuated with and puts on a pedestal. Claire is obsessed with the Princess, trying to spend as much time with Iris as possible (even wanting to bath and sleep together with the Princess),[3][7] overreacting to Iris' opinion of her[4] and paying undue attention to the Iris' mannerisms,[7] and even trying to pamper the Princess as much as she can.[3]

Claire is also very jealous of those who become intimate with Iris, like Kazuma, who the Princess sees as a brother, often getting angry and even reacting violently. Claire also believes no one deserves Iris, disliking Levy, the Princess' former fiance, because she believes he wasn't measuring up to someone as talented as Iris, and was willing to ask Kazuma's help to poison Levy in order to call off the wedding.[8]


For Claire's history, see her History tab.


According to Iris, Claire is one of the most talented people in the Kingdom of Belzerg, and one her prided retainers alongside Darkness.

  • One-Handed Sword: Claire uses a one-handed short sword in the novel and game. As a member of the House of the Sword, one of the two noble families (alongside Dustiness House of the Shield) that have protected this kingdom through the years, she is renowned by her swordsmanship skills.
  • Oath: In Fantastic Days game, Claire can strengthen herself by swearing to fight for the sake of Iris.


  • Claire's birthday is on 30th May.
  • According to Rain, Claire started to act "weird" about Iris after she bathed with the Princess.[3]
  • According to Cecily, Claire's passion for Iris is similar to her own passion for "li'l sister" types.[9]