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Cremea (クレメア) is a girl who is part of Kyouya Mitsurugi's party along with Fio.


Cremea is a petite girl with purple eyes and green hair tied up in a pony tail. She wears a black and purple tube top along with a long blue scarf around her neck as well as dark brown stockings with green diamond markings on both sides and light brown boots.


Cremea, like her party member, is in love with Mitsurugi. For such reason she is usually jealous and prone to anger when any other girl tries to make a move on him, as well as when someone does harm to Mitsurugi.


Nothing is known of Cremea's history prior to her meeting Mitsurugi, but it is assumed that she has known him for a while, considering the fact Mitsurugi has become a well known adventurer whom she developed feelings for. When Mitsurugi wanted to find another party member at Axel, she was okay with Fio's suggestion of looking for the male Lain Sheyka, but joined forces with her to scare off the approaching female Yunyun,[1] after which she and Fio became the catalyst for Dust to pick a fight with Mitsurugi.[2] Cremea also accompanied Mitsurugi in the vanguard of the hunting squadron assembled by the Guild against Host, and was one of those who evacuated him following his injury.[3]


Some time after getting sexually harassed by Dust again,[4] Cremea accompanied Mitsurugi and Fio on a quest against an Ancient Dragon,[5] yet following their return to Axel, she witnessed how Mitsurugi was defeated by Kazuma Satou through underhand tactics, and accordingly stepped up to stop Kazuma from taking Mitsurugi's Gram, only to be scared off when he threatened to use Steal on her and Fio.[6]

At some point during the winter, Cremea along with Fio got Mitsurugi drunk so they could raid him at night, and ended up foiling Dust's plan to have the Loli Succubus give Mitsurugi nightmares.[7] She later testified against Kazuma during his trial about how he sexually harassed and threatened her.[8]

When Mitsurugi overheard Kazuma's party talking about some magical stones at the Guild and headed to Keele's Dungeon in an attempt to search for them, Cremea also accompanied him, though she and Fio went off to level up by themselves following Mitsurugi's alliance with Kazuma's party for helping Aqua seek the magical stones,[9] before returning to his side after the whole ordeal was over.[10]

During Mitsurugi's stay at the Royal Capital, Cremea went to a neighboring nation along with Fio to level themselves up without his interference.[11] Later she and Fio stayed behind at the Royal Capital while Mitsurugi went to fight at the fort.[12]

Cremea accompanied Mitsurugi's return to Axel with Fio to defend against the impending attack by the Devil King's Army, and also followed him in search of the runaway Aqua,[13] before joining the goddess' plan of attacking the Devil King's Castle.[14]

Despite being scared out of her wits on the way,[15] Cremea still fought bravely against the Devil King's knights at the top of the castle,[16] followed by the chamber of the Devil King himself.[17] She was at the end Teleported back to safety by Yunyun alongside the others after the Devil King's demise.[18]