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The Crimson Demon Village ((こう)()(さと)) is a location in the Kingdom of Belzerg where the Crimson Demons reside.


The village is home to the Crimson Demons, and is the birthplace of Megumin and Yunyun. Located within a forest filled with dangerous monsters, people rarely travel there by foot despite a well-trodden path leading to it, preferring magic methods such as Teleportation.[1]

Due to being a rather small village, many residents have specialized tasks reminiscent of small communities pre-urbanization in both North American colonies and Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries. There is a tailor, baker, fisherman, a tapster, and even a fortune teller (world-specific), while some are unemployed.

Their community main economic activity is the tourism, as several "tourist attractions" exist in and around the village, obtained by the inhabitants to allure people into sightseeing there.[2] The names of these attractions along with some local businesses, which despite being alluring are in most cases totally bogus, were given by "the most intelligent Crimson Demon" for attracting customers from outside the village.[3]

The Village is usually under successive attacks from the Devil King's Army and monsters,[4] being constantly destroyed (sometimes by its own inhabitants)[5]. However it is always easily rebuild by the villagers, using Earth Golems and summoned Demons[6].

Tourist Attractions[]

Crimson Magic Village Updated
  • Griffin Statue: A Griffin who wandered into the village and got petrified.
  • Cat-Ears Shrine: A Japanese shrine for worshipping a girl figurine, which is a holy relic given by a traveler after the village ancestors saved him from monsters, though Kazuma identifies it as actually an action figure from a Japanese.
  • Rock with a Sword in It: A holy sword said to give immense power to the one who pulls it out of a stone, though it is actually an ordinary sword with a spell cast on it, so that only the ten thousandth person could pull it out.
  • Wishing Pond: According to the legend, someone can summon the Goddess of Silver and Gold by offering axes and coins, though in fact it's a source of blades and metal to the village blacksmith.
  • Mysterious Massive Facility: The research facility where the Crimson Demons were created by the Head Researcher.
  • Underground Storehouse: The subterranean storage adjacent to the facility, where the "Mage-Killer" and many other old creations of the Head Researcher were sealed.
  • Tomb of the Dark God: The place where Wolbach was sealed.
  • Land Where the Nameless Goddess Was Sealed: The place where Regina was sealed.
  • Demon's Hill: A hill on the edge of the village, where legends says lover couples who confess their love there will be cursed by the resident Demon God and cannot break up.
  • Monster Museum: A museum where the tribe displays trophies from monsters.
  • All-Overseeing Observatory "Vanirmild": A observation platform on the top of a hill, and used for spying on the Devil King's Daughter's room.
  • Mixed Bath: A dynamic huge bath where the owner used Create Water and Fireball to make hot water. It isn't a real mixed bath.

Villager Sites[]

  • Megumin's Home: A ramshackle lodge where Megumin and her family lives, and also serves as her father's workshop. Her parents later took out a loan to upscale it into a fashionable house.
  • Bukkororii's Home: The home of Bukkororii and his family, which is situated close to Megumin's.
  • Village Chief's Home: The home of Yunyun and her family.
  • Huts: The area where most inhabitants reside.
  • Red Prison: The school where students study magic as well as various skills and knowledge.
  • Business District: The area where most businesses are located. Stores include cafes, restaurants, clothing shop, shoe shop, weapons shop, potions shop, etc.
  • Bar Succubus Lingerie: The only pub in the Crimson Demon Village. It's also isn't a real lingerie bar.
  • Deadly Poison Café: The village only café, owned by Torosuke.
  • Goblin Slayer: The village only armor shop.
  • Agricultural Zone: The area allocated for agriculture, where inhabitants use magic to swiftly farm crops.
  • Mutual MP Support Facility: The area where most of the village's industrial production is located.
  • Decayed Fort: A fort constructed for warring against the Devil King's armies, but was abandoned after the inhabitants proved they can fight without it.


Name Occupation Status
Arue Amateur Writer Active
Bukkororii None/Village Defense Force Active
Chakamiya Baker Active
Chekera Tailor Active
Dodonko Part-time Grocer Active
Funifura None Active
Headmaster Headmaster Active
Hiropon Village Chief Active
Hyoizaburoo Magic Item Craftsman Active
Kaikai None Active
Komekko None Active
Makaromi None Active
Megumin None Left Village
Nerimaki Apprentice Barmaid Active
Poritan None Active
Pucchin Teacher Active
Sakiberry None Active
Sansara None Active
Shikobei Fisherman Active
Soketto Fortune Teller Active
Torosuke Coffee Shop Owner Active
Yuiyui None Active
Yunyun None Left Village


  • The village is the only place in the country that has an implemented school system.
  • In the first movie, the town is depicted as much larger than what the novel would suggest.[7]
  • The fact that the research facility was marked as belonging to the Kingdom of Noise, hints that the village used to be part of the now-destroyed kingdom's territory.[8]
  • In the novel, the village's name was translated as "Crimson Magic Village".