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The Crimson Demons ((こう)()(ぞく)) is a tribe of mages that lives in the Crimson Demon Village.


The most defining physical traits of every member of the Crimson Demons are their dark hair (black in the novel), pale skin and red eyes, the latter of which will glow vibrantly when they're excited.

They are also born with a bar code tattoo in a random place of their body (Yunyun's is in her inner thigh while Megumin's is at her buttock) as a result of being artificially-modified humans.

The Crimson Demon women are also renowned by their beauty, and most of them are well-endowed.


They're all chuunibyou, hence their weird names and demeanor. The Crimson Demons usually act a very melodramatic and eccentric way, and are fantasy-prones. They are also obsessed by "coolness" and "looking cool", which is combined with delusions of grandeur, often declaring themselves the "foremost" of something of their tribe. Crimson Demons are also attention seekers.

They also commonly strike cringeworthy poses or have catchphrases and self-introdutions. For them, a signature pose and phrase is extremely important, as the later is like a dying last words or the quote of a lifetime.

As many chuuni, most of the Crimson Demons are also NEETs, not working or just working enough to live.[1] According to Kazuma, if they weren't NEETs, they could have already taken over the world.[2]


The Crimson Demons were created by the same creator who made the Destroyer (being his preceding creations) and are mentioned in various KonoSuba media through his diaries. The modification rights for the Crimson Demons were given as a prize in a gacha machine inside the Noise Research Laboratory along with the prototype Playscation and Game Girl Color. In the past, humans of the kingdom he inhabited were recruited to be genetically modified to raise their level of magecraft. So many volunteered, however, that lots were drawn and the selection of subjects was heavily narrowed down. The surgery was a resounding success and the resulting new race had an extremely high Intellect and Magical Power.[3]

In regards to their chuunibyou tendencies, the people who were selected to undergo the operation all had this characteristic by complete happenstance. This resulted in their red eyes, strange names, and a tribe name, all a request by them to their benefactor.[4]


Children begin attending the village's school at 12 and are only considered adults when they gain the necessary 30 skill points to learn Advanced Magic, which represents their adulthood. Otherwise, a Crimson Demon who doesn't know Advanced Magic is considered immature and a gimmick.

To this extent, skill-up potions are handed out as rewards for academic achievements, which means demonstrating knowledge in chuunibyou-esque behavior or magic, both core tenets of Crimson Demons society.[5] The other way skill points are gained is by farming levels, where the teacher of the class freezes the various dangerous monsters in the forest surrounding the village and the students kill them as they are subdued.[1]

Children are expected to either become adventurers or succeed their parents in whatever job the latter performs. Similar to their other attributes resulting from chuunibyou-ness, they all claim to be the "foremost (job) in the village," or that they hail from the "number one (store) in the village," both of which are technically true as they are the only ones who do these jobs in the area.

Once a Crimson Demon reaches their old-age, they depart from the village in a journey in order to find and fight a stronger adversary, so they can have a "heroic death", having their names written in their "Strong List". Otherwise, the elder will be considered a coward.[6]


  • The tribe has a custom of creating protective charms stuffed with the hairs of people possessing strong magical powers, which when placed into luggage can scare away thieves who find it gross, and in the case the luggage is lost will freak out passerbys who discover it so much they quickly take it to the police station.[7]
    • This custom appears to have developed from another one used for love charms, which involves placing the hair of the admired person inside a straw doll and nailing into a tree while praying at night in a parody of its original Japanese practice, making that person feel the "pang of love" in their heart whenever he/she lays eyes on the charm practitioner.[8]
  • The cabals of Crimson Demons from outside their village usually have gatherings to realize "important duties". Megumin and Yunyun, as parts of one such group, frequently reunite for coolest pose or signature phrase showdowns.[9]
  • Quadrennially, the Crimson Demons teleport to the Devil King's Castle surrounding, attacking the barrier while they realize a barbecue, teleporting away before the army reach them.[10]
  • During the Supermoon, the Crimson Demons have a moonwatching tradition, which involves eating a rabbit hot pot, followed by howling at the moon.[11]
  • The next Village Chief must undertake a trial with three challenges: A riddle challenge, which was replaced by striking cringeworthy poses after Megumin destroyed the riddle items; a luck challenge, which the contestants must choose the right door; and survive one night in the forest by themselves.[12] A contestant can undertake the trial three times alongside a partner, who doesn't need to be a Crimson Demon.[13]


Crimson Demons were made to be exceptional spellcasters. For such reason, their bodies were modified so that they have an astonishing magical talent.

Great Magical Power: Crimson Demons posses a high mana reserve. Aside they are all able to use Advanced Magic since in a very young age, a prodigy like Megumin can use even Explosion Magic, a spell that requires a insane amount of MP to be activated.

Genius: Another stat required for mage classes, the Crimson Demons also possess high Intellect, being able of memorize the required enchantment for many high-level spells, to which they have a natural vocation. They are also very creative, perceptive, and cunning.


Robes: Clothes designed by their creator those are highly resistant and comfortable during summer and winter. However, when they take some magic damage, the women's robes will expose their pants for a moment[14] while men's have a tiny chance of explode.[15]


Crimson Demons


  • Crimson Demons farmers are some of the most powerful mages in the community because of the nigh-daily combat they face subjugating their crops.[16]
  • Alongside having strange first names, Crimson Demons seem to lack last names at all.
  • Since the tribe is so much smaller than the internet-connected Japan, their chuunibyou poetry is vastly inferior to Kazuma's, even though Kazuma hasn't been a chunibyo since before he reincarnated.[9]
  • Although being renowned as having many beauties, most of them are single and desperate for contact with men from the outside world, as not many people ever make it as far as the town. [17]
  • Because of a cursed boulder that Pekonyan brought back to the village, for a while the tribe was jinxed with poltergeist and other strange phenomenon, which the villagers dismissed as something cool brought on by their powers.[18]
  • In the novel, the tribe's name was translated as "Crimson Magic Clan".
  • In the initial web novel, the magical powers generated inside the Crimson Demons' body will cause them to explode if not let out in time, unless special cloaks that can prevent this is worn.
    • This characteristic instead of Yunyun's letter was what prompted Kazuma to rush Megumin back to the Crimson Demon Village, after all her clothes were dissolved by Green Slime and had to get a new cloak.