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Cursed Ring Game

The Cursed Ring (呪われた指輪 Norowareta Yubiwa) was a ring enchanted with a curse that makes men who wear it steal women's panties during every full moon.[1]


The ring was created by the mage who later bound his soul to the Skull Dragon, in an attempt to placate the regrets of his nobleman brother who liked to steal panties. It also served the secondary purpose of using its wearer's soul as a beacon, so that even as the mage's soul was busy battling with the dragon's soul for supremacy over the Skull Dragon's body, the Skull Dragon can still find its way to human settlements where it can wreck havoc. Since the curse placed on the ring was filled with pure adoration in addition to complex enumerations, it was rendered unbreakable to Aqua, and even Vanir had trouble figuring out ways to unravel it.

It was eventually picked up one day by Kazuma, before sticking itself to his finger after Aqua slipped it onto him. The ring then proceeded to make Kazuma Steal the panties of women he knows upon every full moon, and gradually increased the number stolen each month in a trend that could drain him to death. Additionally, it also made the victims lose their consciousness whenever they try to put on another panty, forcing them to spend their days pantyless until the stolen panty was returned.

Many months after the curse took hold on Kazuma and forced him to work for the curse removal fee Vanir charged him, the Skull Dragon finally found its way to Axel when the ring flashed its power with increasing magnitude, though following a fierce battle with Kazuma and other defenders, the mage's soul managed to fully control the body. After Kazuma and the mage came to an understanding, the mage let itself and its body be purified by Aqua, with the ring subsequently shattering as its purpose was fulfilled.


In one of the ending routes, another cursed ring was later picked up by Kazuma, though instead of a green stone it had a red one. The curse laid on it was also much weaker, being the regrets of a bride ghost who simply wanted a wedding ceremony be held at the church it was haunting.