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Daniel (ダニエル, Danieru) is a boss in KonoSuba: Fantastic Days. He is the Troll Lord and a former Devil King's General candidate.


In his human form, Daniel is a gentleman middle-aged man with light brown long hair, mustache and goatee, using a wine striped suit and hat with red borders and golden props. In his troll form, Daniel is a giant bald red troll, with a giant tongue, fangs, armor and a crown. At his merged form, Daniel has a monsterous appearance with black horns and a new pair of arms.


Although he looks like a defined gentleman, Daniel is hardcore idol fanboy with a big fetish for things he fails to disguise. Although he used to be a was a big shot in the Devil King's Army, Daniel is simple-minded and dreams small, as he is more concerned about being rehired by the Devil King and marry Lia than the global domination. Also, because of his obsession for dancers, Daniel is very spontaneous and unpredictable.


Daniel as a former member of the Devil King's army, coming to be considered to the position of General. However, because of his obsession for dancer leaded him to neglect his job, the Devil King fired him.

Daniel's Castle

Besides his fetish for dancers, the reason he looked after dancers was because a prophecy that discovered one hundred years ago, that if a dancer in blue clothes with goddess-like dance abilities dances on an altar, it could revive an ancient and powerful weapon. After being fired, Daniel, with Charlie's help, continue his quest for a dancer who could unlock the said weapon.

After kidnaping a dancer called Lia, Daniel got the said weapon when, after being defeated, Aqua accidentally unlocked the weapon, the Thor Hammer, by dancing on the altar while commemorating the victory. After taking the gloves able to protect him from the side effects of the Hammer, he began to destroy cities until being defeated by Kazuma and his allies.

After losing the glove during the fight, Daniel merged with Charlie and absorbed the lightning power, attacking Lia during a competition just to be defeated again, but instead of die duo to the Hammer, now destroyed, side effects, he was saved by a mysterious person.


As a former Devil King's General candidate, Daniel's strength is at the same level as other generals. As a Troll, Daniel has superhuman strength and durability, being able to survive to Megumin's Explosion even in his human form and being able to use the Thor's Hammer with bare hands without great damage.

  • Bind: The Bind skill allows the user to instantly bind a target in rope providing they have a rope on them, naturally the strength of the rope used and the luck of the user effect the skill's power.
  • Thor's Hammer: An ancient weapon able to rise powerful lightnings and whose hit creates a powerful shock able to shatter anything. However it's dangerous to use with bare hands. It was eventually destroyed in battle.
  • Járngreipr: Gloves that cancel the damage of using the Thor Hammer. It was stole by Kazuma.
  • God of Thunder: Daniel absorbed the power of the Thor Hammer, merging with Charlie in the process, however, it slowly kills him.


  • Daniel is one of the original characters created to KonoSuba: Fantastic Days game.
  • Daniel and his partner's names might be a reference to musician Charlie Daniels