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Deadscream Bloody Mary (デッドスクリーム・ブラッディマリー) was a Tranquility Girl planted by Aqua in the garden behind the party's mansion.


Deadscream Bloody Mary looks like a baby girl with light coloured hair and a sprout of leaves on her head.


Although she looks like an innocent baby/child, Deadscream Bloody Mary is already a cruel and merciless monster.[1]


Aqua initially thought she was a Mandrake, and regularly watered her with holy water while protecting her from being removed by Kazuma and Darkness.[2]

Before the party left to help Yunyun complete the Crimson Demon Chief trial, Kazuma and Darkness again attempted to remove Deadscream Bloody Mary after forgetting she existed. Eventually, they decided to plant the monster in the forest surrounding the Crimson Demon Village. They introduced her to Yunyun as the one who will eventually become chief of the Crimson Demon Forest, then later to Komekko who drooled because she views her as a snack.[3]

The party eventually ended up planting Deadscream Bloody Mary at Megumin's family home,[4] where she soon revealed that she was already able to comprehend and speak human speech. Despite Kazuma failing to convince his party of her advanced intelligence, eventually Komekko caused the monster to cry out in fear by commenting on how she "looks tasty".[5]