Destroyer to Axel

The Mobile Fortress Destroyer (機動要塞(きどうようさい)デストロイヤー) is a man-made, fast-moving, fortress-class weapon built by the technologically advanced civilization Norse. It is shaped and moves like a gigantic spider. For centuries, it roams randomly across the continent and tramples any town in its path. Axel became its target shortly after the main series began.


The inventor of the Mobile Fortress Destroyer was a NEET from Japan, who initially had laudable objectives to defeat the demons but later reverted back to his licentious and sordid comportment. The only reason the inventor made the Destroyer was to avoid a possible execution sentence; despite how his invention later turned into a cataclysm, the inventor was apparently very satisfied at the results.


Destroyer looks and moves like an enormous eight-legged spider. It has many "eyes" at the head region for sensors. It also has golems on the legs and back carapace, for ground and air offense/defense. Although not visible, it also has a strong magic barrier that will negate any incoming magical attacks.

Since it is non-living weapon, it has no personality. Originally, people thought the operators went crazy and lusted for destruction. The Axel adventurers later found out the machine is fully automated for centuries, and the only human on it had passed away long ago. Although its inventor is not "crazy", he is undoubtedly one of the biggest idiots ever. He built the Destroyer and set it to rampage mode by accident, but he had no way to stop it or even get off it.


  • Hardened but light-weight magical plates: protect its surface from most of conventional attacks and ordinary wear-and-tear, while allow high mobility despite Destroyer's size. The high physical defense allows Destroyer to flatten towns and terrains without getting any scratches.
  • Powerful magic barrier: surrounds the entire fortress and repels any incoming magical attacks.
  • Automated golem army: it has stationary golems on the back carapace to fire against incoming air targets, stationary turrets on the legs against ground targets, and golem defenders inside against any invaders.
  • Eight armored legs: that allows the fortress to move quickly across any terrain types.
  • Advanced programming: allows it to jump over obstacles and thoroughly flatten any targeted town in its path. However, it does not distinguish Human towns from Demon towns.
  • Self-destruct sequence: initiates, when it gets heavily damaged.
  • Legendary Coronatite as power source: it can operate pretty much indefinitely.



  • The inventor used the blank design paper to swat a spider and turned it in as is. However, the higher-ups loved his spider smudge "design" and even complemented him on the details and realism.