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The Devil King's Army (魔王軍(まおうぐん) Maōgun) is a monster army led by the Devil King, who is in a war against humanity.

Devil King's Generals[]

The Devil King's Generals (魔王軍(まおうぐん)幹部(かんぶ) Maōgun Kanbu) are eight of the most powerful monsters in his army who maintain the barrier of the Devil King's Castle. While some act as solo agents, as Division directors or as army leaders, others are Generals in name only, maintaining the barrier while having their own agenda.

General Name Race/Class Description Status
Wiz Lich / Arch Wizard A former adventurer who became a lich in order to save her party members from a curse from another general. She became a Devil King's General to repay the damage she caused in the Devil King's Castle, opening a magic item store in Axel. Active
Beldia Dullahan / Knight A general sent to Axel in order to investigate an sudden light that appeared in Axel, caused by the Aqua's coming to the Parallel World. Deceased (Purified by Aqua)
Vanir Archdemon / Duke of Hell An Archdemon the Devil King begged to become his general, and who claims to be stronger than the Devil King himself. He went to Axel to investigate Beldia's disappearance and visit an old friend. Inactive (Exploded by Megumin and reborned as Vanir II)
Hans Deadly Poison Slime Send to poison the Arcanletia hot springs to disrupt the Axis Order's source of income, after being defeated he lost his memory, using the Gelatinous Slime in the city to steal food. Deceased (Finished by Aqua, later exploded by Megumin)
Sylvia Growth Chimera / Thief Director of the Monster Enhancement Division sent to the Crimson Demon Village to steal the ancient weapon sealed in the village and defeat the Crimson Demons. Deceased (Shot By Komekko)
Wolbach Dark God A Dark God those seal was moved to the Crimson Demon Village. After being released by a young Megumin and taught her Explosion Magic, she joined the Devil King's Army, attacking the Fort in the Royal Capital. Absorbed (Exploded By Megumin and fused with her other half)
Serena Human / Dark Priest Head of the Espionage and Intelligence Division and the only human in the Devil King's Army, she was sent to Axel to prepare the city to a large invasion. After being arrested, she escaped and followed Kazuma's party to Arcanletia in order of take revenge. Inactive (Level reset to 1 by Kazuma and joined the Axis Order)
Devil King's Daughter Devil The Devil King's daughter, as well as the strongest general of his army, who attacked the Crimson Demon Village, planned the Axel invasion and attacked the Royal Capital. Active
White Robe Fallen Angel A previous General those place was took by Wiz, becoming responsible for protecting the barrier around the Devil King's Castle. Retired, Deceased (Exploded by Megumin)

Devil King's General Candidates[]

A Demon King's General Candidate is a powerful monster in the Devil King's Army who is or was once considered to the General position.

Candidate Name Race/Class Description Status
Daniel Troll Lord A Devil King's General candidate who was sacked because he put watching idol performances over work. Fired
Duke Fallen Angel A Devil King's General candidate who came to Axel to challenge Wiz for her General role in the Devil King's Army. Deceased (Exploded by Wiz)
Perrier Devil A member of the Devil King's Daughter's army sent to kidnap Princess Leonor while she was on the way to the Royal Capital. Deceased (Pierced by Dust)
Rouzelli Elder Dragon The leader of the Devil King's squad send to destroy Axel while the Devil King's Daughter attacks the Royal Capital. Deceased (Pierced by Dust)

Other Officers[]

Officer Name Race/Class Description Status
Lugkraft Doppelganger Leader of the Intelligence Bureau, sent to infiltrate the Kingdom of Elroad government, becoming its Prime Minister and cutting the Belzerg founds. Deceased (Destroyed by Iris)
Mammon Goatfolk Commander of the Royal Guard that guard the great hall in the Devil King's Castle, who tried to capture the invaders in the Castle. Deceased (Stabbed by Kazuma)


Soldier Name Race/Class Description Status
Shuten Ogre A chief of a Ogre tribe who had fought for the Devil King, but later took her kin wandering the land. Deserted
Charlie Elite Troll Daniel's right-hand man and advisor, who followed Daniel after his resignation. Fired
Nos Devil / Dark Knight A knight from the Royal Guard who found Kazuma and Aqua in the Devil King's Castle. He was teleported to Axel by Kazuma, while the later took his armor. Inactive (Knocked out by Dust)
Logia Oni A commander from the Royal Guard who found Kazuma and Aqua in the Devil King's Castle. Deceased (Cut in half by Nos)
Payne Wraith A soldier from the Royal Guard who found Kazuma and Aqua in the Devil King's Castle. Deceased (Purified by Aqua)