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The Devil King's Daughter is a so-far unnamed child of the Devil King, as well as a high ranking officer in his army. She fought against Aegis and Iris at the end of the war.


  • High Combat Potential: While not having debuted thus far, her combat prowess is stated to be extremely high; as she was described by Seresdina to be the strongest of the Devil King Generals.
  • High Intelligence: She is intelligent enough to formulate and manage a complex plan to see Axel destroyed (in effect destroying Belzerg's morale since there would be no more adventurers to serve as reinforcements for them as a result), and is also able to manage large amounts of troops.


  • In the Crimson Demon Village, there up until recently was a telescope that allowed anyone to peer into her room in the castle. It was one of the main reasons why the Devil King waged war against Belzerg and the entire world.