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Duke (デューク) was a Fallen Angel who wanted to replace Wiz as a general of the Devil King.[1]


Duke usually wore a pitch-black robe which obscured his features. He trained his body for years so he could replace Wiz, and as such his body was very well-toned. He has been described as a very handsome man, with a fairly androgynous face. He has the emblem of the Devil King tattooed on his chest, and pitch-black wings courtesy of his angel physiology, although both the tattoo and the wings are normally concealed by his robe.


At first glance, Duke seems to be to be a serious, straightforward and pragmatic person. He is very proud of his status as angel, and as such, Duke despises both undead and demons, but as a Fallen Angel, he dislikes the gods too.

Although Duke acts as an prideful person who provokes his adversaries, he is actually a coward willing to give up his pride in order to survive, becoming a lich like those he despises in order to enhance his powers, and even pretending to have romantic feelings for Wiz, although he is genderless, in order to be spared.


Previously one of the Angels working for the Gods who were arrogant and late with wage payments, ever since arriving at the Parallel World as a Fallen Angel, Duke had secretly worked as a member of the Devil King's Army, until he got the idea of replacing Wiz as one of the Devil King's Generals who maintains the barrier around the Devil King's Castle. Observing Wiz and training to surpass her over the span of several years, Duke eventually approached her in Axel, though she ran off in terror as he proceeded to remove his cloak for displaying his tattoo before he could clarify his intent.[1]

Subsequently purifying the ghosts that Wiz had summoned to track him down, Duke mailed a letter to her shop asking her to meet him at the plains outside the city the following day. There Duke introduced his abilities in Advanced Magic and revealed how much he knew about the Lich, before challenging Wiz in hopes it'll make her abandon her job, yet she Teleported away again just as he made to remove his cloak. Drinking at a bar later that night, Duke scared a Dust trying to intimidate him into buying him a drink. He was next approached by Satou Kazuma, who despite being threatened by him, surprisingly volunteered to assist with making Wiz retire from her job.[2]

Some days later, Duke was drinking at the bar when Darkness walked over and attempted to seduce him, though subsequent to Duke displaying no interest in her, Darkness whose identity got revealed by a passing Dust was forced to pay for his and everybody's drinks. The following day, he scared off a loli succubus trying to flirt with him for her being a Succubus,[3] but was surprised that night by the divine form of Aqua coming to talk, and invited her to drinks while she blabbered about her incompetent party as well as other weird knowledge, before he declared how undeads and demons need to be destroyed and displayed interest when told of Eris' padded breasts.[4]

After spending the whole night partying with Aqua at the bar, Duke asked her to deliver a letter to Wiz about a challenge at the public cemetery. Wiz soon showed up alongside Kazuma's party, so Duke and she accordingly started a fierce duel of Advanced Magic. But when Wiz admitted about her holding back, Duke promptly used Holy Magic as he attempted to force her into using her true power, only to be shocked when she and Kazuma's party began talking about him marrying the hated Lich. Incensed, Duke proceeded to reveal his identity as a Fallen Angel working for the Devil King in addition to his goal of replacing Wiz as a General. Yet subsequent to ranting at Aqua over the Gods while Vanir showed up, Duke told Kazuma how he had petitioned the Devil King for attacking Axel, and as a result was attacked by an enraged Wiz wielding her full strength. Finding himself encased in ice, Duke pretended to surrender, and upon being freed enacted a ritual that turned himself into a Lich, only to be hit by Aqua's Sacred Highness Exorcism and Drain Touched by Wiz. The panicked Duke began to beg Wiz into sparing him through enticing words of affection, though once Vanir pointed out that Angels are genderless, the gravely upset Wiz obliterated Duke with Explosion.[1]


As a fallen angel, Duke had access to many divine abilities, such as the ability to sense the purity of a being as well as present resistance to Vanir's divination. According to Dust, Duke was incredibly powerful, boasting power equivalent to a high bounty target or a Devil King's General.

Advanced Magic: Duke was a highly powerful mage who was capable of battling toe-to-toe with Wiz. He specialized in fire-type advanced spells.

  • Inferno: Summons enormous flames that incinerate the surrounding area.
  • Crimson Laser: Shoots a red beam of heat.
  • Lava Swamp: Creates a large molten swamp.

Holy Magic: Duke is capable of Holy Magic due to his fallen angel status, although it was not as potent as Aqua's.

  • Sanctuary: Creates a large magic circle that produces particles of light which causes damage to the undead. Duke's Sanctuary can cover an entire cemetery.

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