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Rein Chelka (レイン・チェルカ, Rein Cheruka), usually known as Dust (ダスト, Dasuto), is a warrior and a member of the party consisting of Taylor, Keith, and Rin. He is a major supporting character in the main Konosuba series, as well as the main protagonist of the Kyakkou spinoff series.


Dust is a young man with a slender body, blonde hair, and a black mole under his left eye. His usual outfit consists of a neck choker, a red track jacket with cuffed sleeves, bandaged forearms, brown pants with tucked socks, and black shoes.


Growing up, Dust was subject to a very strict upbringing; while a dragon knight, his mannerisms and speech patterns were always extremely formal. As a result, he was described in terms of being "stiff" and "humorless," in direct opposition to his secret, free-spirited princess companion. His accomplishments led to him being regarded as the perfect stereotype of the knight in shining armor who rescues the damsel in distress and makes the ladies swoon.

After coming to Axel, he adopts a demeanor very similar to that of Kazuma, especially in regards to their perverseness and laziness. He is famous for his delinquent behavior in Axel and has accumulated debts with multiple people including his own party members. He has purposely gotten himself thrown into jail many times simply because it was better than being outside, not minding his criminal record much.

Dust shows a particular lack of self-awareness similar to Aqua. He regards himself in a high standard and would often refuse to admit to his misgivings. He can also be very manipulative of others to do his bidding, particularly with Yunyun and Lolisa.

While on the outside he seems air-headed and ignorant to others, he is quite perceptive, being able to quickly piece together that the "little sister" Kazuma was talking about was actually the princess of Belzerg, and that he was worried about her betrothal.

He dislikes working hard and would often try and come up with quick money-making schemes, usually blowing up in his face later on. He comments about how hard-working and serious-minded people are hard-headed and are simply wasting their life away.

Despite his outward persona of a delinquent, Dust would display acts of kindness and genuine care for others from time to time, such as treating Yunyun to a meal or stuff toy and paying respect to the tranquility girl's victims.

Dust is particularly protective of Rin. Despite their constant banter and her very hostile attitude towards him, Dust has a soft spot for Rin. He would go out of his way to protect Rin in the slightest hint of danger and do what he can to make her happy, even to his detriment. This is attributed to Rin having a similar face to the princess in Dust's past.


Before coming to Belzerg, Dust was known as "Rein Chelka," the son of an impoverished, lower-ranking noble family from a neighboring country called Brydle. Despite originally having nothing going for him as the son of a household with no future, he was able to work his way up to become a royal knight at a young age. One day, after receiving a warrant to search a mansion, he discovered a young, injured, wary Faitfore locked in a cramped cage inside the basement. Loved by dragons since birth, he quickly convinced Faitfore to lower her guard and proceeded to form a covenant with her. Because of this, he was granted the rare class of "Dragon Knight", and the two would proceed to have many adventures. As his deeds began to pile up, he became renowned as the "strongest spearman in the country," gaining a reputation Rin describes as the "handsome, dependable and perfect ideal of a knight". His prestige grew to the point that stories about him spread outside of his homeland and across the continent; his good deeds were unparalleled.

Between the epic escapades he embarked on, Dust spent much of his time with dragons, many-a-time having fallen asleep in the stables. During these interim periods, he began to develop a relationship with the tomboyish princess of his home country who would often come and talk, most of the time making idle chatter but from time to time also consulting the Dragon Knight on serious matters. Throughout these conversations, it can be said that Dust opened himself up; while he still maintained the image of the perfect chevalier, he spoke honestly with her, and as a result of this, she began to foster feelings for him and vice versa. After a time, the princess of his home country absconded with him (in his words, she forced him to do so) so she could experience a pseudo-honeymoon, but eventually she was returned to the castle. As a result of this, Dust's household was disbanded and his status as nobility was revoked, and so he came to Axel, becoming the delinquent the inhabitants of the town know.

Though he is initially jealous of Kazuma and his party, Dust grows to respect Kazuma after learning how troublesome Aqua, Darkness, and Megumin can be. Dust and Kazuma spend a lot of time drinking, gambling, and causing trouble together in town.

After a failed attempt at seduction, Dust becomes acquaintances with Yunyun and gains a relationship of some amount of mutual admiration with Vanir; Dust likes Vanir's strength and wit, while Vanir considers Dust's sinful way of life to be commendable. The two of them occasionally scheme together and develop a weight loss snack based off of the Tranquility Girl fruit together.

Dust is a regular at the Succubus Cafe, and ends up developing a friendship of sort with Loli Succubus. He helps her learn better ways to satisfy customers and she assists him in some of his misadventures. He also stops Sena from shutting down the Cafe, though he gets arrested in the process.

He has multiple run ins with Claire and Rain. The first time they meet he attempts to con them but gets arrested. Later, the two of them join him on an adventure so they can tell Iris. They later ask Dust and his party to follow Kazuma to Elroad.

Dust eventually has to confront part of his old life when Faitfore comes to Axel. During this time, he also helps Kazuma deal with Serena. Soon after, the princess switches places with Lynn. Dust and the princess resolve their history together, and Dust deals with his relationship with Lynn.


Dust is said to be one of the stronger adventurers in Axel, to a point where he could actually become an accomplished individual if not for his lazy personality. However, Chris and Iris comment that Dust seemed to be hiding his true abilities while observing him.

Swordsmanship: As a front-line warrior, he uses a sword for the majority of his adventures. The sword he uses in particular, was a parting gift from the princess to him.

Master Spearman: Dust's true combat abilities are brought out when he uses a spear. He is said to be the strongest spearman in his home nation. He is an incredible master in the art of spear, so much so that he can fight off notably strong monsters using non-weapon objects if he uses it as a makeshift spear. However, Dust abstains from using it as a vow to the princess. He would only use it in a dire situation where he has to protect somebody important to him and if given an opportunity, he'll use it when no one can see him.

Dragon Taming: Dust has displayed an unexplained ability to tame dragons. He can make a dragon that he just met obedient just by looking at them. According to the rumors, he has been beloved by dragons since birth so this ability may be inherent to him and not an adventurer skill that he learned. Other than this, Dust has displayed extensive knowledge of things related to dragons.

Dragon Contract: Dust has formed a "contract" with his dragon, Faitfore. Dust's stats dramatically increases when he is close to Faitfore. Other abilities such as enhanced physical ability (Jumping higher than normal humans [Dust 5]) and Fire Resistance (Dust 7) are examples of boons he receives from the covenant.

However, negative ailments that Faitfore suffers are also transferred to Dust. This is shown in Dust 5, where Dust experienced nausea induced by the side effects of mandrakes - which were consumed by Faitfore.


  • Dust is the main character in the Kyakkou spin off series
  • Dusts eye's are blue, however he disguises this by using a magic item that he bought from the crimson demons.