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Lain Sheyka (レイン・チェルカ, Rein Cheruka), usually known as Dust (ダスト, Dasuto), is a warrior and a member of the party consisting of Taylor, Keith, and Rin. He is a major supporting character in the main KonoSuba series, as well as the main protagonist of the Limelight spinoff series.


Dust is a young man with a slender body, blonde hair, and a black mole under his left eye. His usual outfit consists of a neck choker, a red track jacket with cuffed sleeves, bandaged forearms, brown pants with tucked socks, and black shoes.


As Lain Sheyka, Dust was a straitlaced person, strictly following the rules and being always serious and rigorous about his tasks. However, he noticed spending time with the Princess made him more flexible and laid-back.[1] Taylor and Keith noticed Dust was also more polite when they first met, forcing himself to speak like a punk.[2] He was the ideal knight figure for maidens fairy-tales.[3]

However, after going to Axel, Dust assumed a more carefree and rude attitude, becoming a known delinquent. He usually comits petty crimes, as picking fights with novice adventurers (like Kazuma),[4] dining and dashing, and gambling with borrowed money. For such reason, Dust is so familiar to the jail, which he sees it as some type of hotel, often getting arrested on purpose.[5] He often uses the excuse of being "Axel Protector" and being "patrolling the city" or "maintaining the public order" to justify his acts of delinquency and delimit the city as his territory.[6]

Dust also became slothful, becoming averse to hard-working, often choosing easy money schemes, gambling, or just asking for lend money to his friends and party members (most times Rin) that he will never pay back. Dust usually uses the "we are friends" excuse to suck people's money. He is also very wasteful, usually spending all his money on bubbles and the Succubus Cafe. For such reason, Dust is always in debt.

Dust has a pervert personality too, being obsessed with big breasts, always making remarks about women's bust, as harassing well-endowed women, or making fun of women's flat chest. He, however, doesn't simp for women, as Dust was one of the few men who didn't fall on Serena's Puppet, seeing her as a freak for showing her pants instead of feeling grateful.

Futhermore, Dust is a chatterbox, gossiping about Lolisa's failed quest at Kazuma's mansion,[7] and even spreading fake rumors about Serena at Kazuma's request.[8] It is a recurring gag Dust exposing someone's identity or secret by casually talking about it while greeting the said person. He is also intrusive, interfering in other's private matters if the subject draws his attention.[9]

However, although he fell from grace, Dust kept his loyalty as a knight. Although he is usually only acts for self-interest, Dust is still willing to bend over backwards in order to help the ones important to him, or saving them from a dangerous and even life risk situation, as using his spear skills he promised never use unless something he really cares is at stake, to save his comrades or his city.


For Dust's history, see his History tab.


Dust is said to be one of the stronger adventurers in Axel, to a point where he could actually become an accomplished individual if not for his lazy personality. However, Chris and Iris comment that Dust seemed to be hiding his true abilities while observing him.

One-Handed Sword: Dust usually fights using a longsword. At first Dust wasn't good using a sword since it is a backup weapon for Dragon Knights.

Spear Master: Dust's true combat abilities are brought out when he uses a spear. He is said to be the strongest spearman in his home nation. Dust is so talented he can use objects with the chapel of a spear (like Megumin's Staff) to fight powerful opponents, like a Beginner's Bane.[10] However, duo to his promise to the Princess, he can only use this abilities when something he truly cares is at stake.[1]

Shield: Dust is able to fight using a shield. Dust used it while replacing Darkness in Kazuma's party[11] and during his fight against Rouzelli.[12]

Spear Thrust: A piercing movement using the spear. Dust used it against the Incubi.[13]

Dragon Tamer: Dust has displayed an unexplained ability to tame Dragons. He can make a Dragon that he just met obedient just by looking at them. According to the rumors, he has been beloved by Dragons since birth. Other than this, Dust has displayed extensive knowledge of things related to Dragons.

Draconic Covenant: Dust has formed a "contract" with his Dragon, Faitfore. Dust's stats dramatically increases when he is close to her. Other abilities such as enhanced physical ability (jumping higher than normal humans) and Fire Resistance are examples of boons he receives from the covenant. However, they share the same negative ailments, such as the nausea induced by the side effects of Mandrakes consumed by Faitfore.[14]


Enchanted Edge: A national treasure of the Kingdom of Brydle, a ceremonial enchanted longsword that can hurt even the Devil King himself. Dust later lent it to Kazuma.


  • Dust's eyes are naturally blue; however he disguises this by using a magic item that he bought from the Crimson Demons.
  • Dust's birthday is on 28th September.
  • Like Aqua, Dust possess very low Intellect and Luck, reason why he is so bad at gambling.