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Erika (エーリカ) is a playable character in Fantastic Days. She's a member of the idol group Axel Hearts, and an adventurer.


She's a "cute" young girl with bright bubblegum pink eyes and striking pink pigtails.

She uses a pink idol outfit with pink stockings, black gauntlets, half chest armor, white fake shirt necklace with a red floppy bowtie and a colored low-cut and short sun dress with tails. She wears an over the knee black boot on the right leg and a wedge boot on the left.


Erika has a very narcissistic personality, being obsessed with her own cuteness (believing she was abandon by her real parents for not being cute enough), loving be called and refer to herself as "cute", which makes her easily manipulated by that word. Erika is also an attention seeker, who gets jealous if someone else is the center of attentions, and is willing to, innocently, do even lewd stuff in order to get some attention.

Erika is also impulsive and careless, not thinking before act and slipping up on her diet and routine as a professional dancer. However, she is very charitable, as Erika usually do volunteer work in Axel orphanage, since she is herself an orphan.


Abandoned by her biological parents in an orphanage and raised by foster parents, Erika joined the Axel Hearts alongside Lia and Cielo, hoping one day her fame and cuteness will help her find her real parents.


Dagger: As a ranger, Erika is a very skilled fighter using daggers.

Trap Detection: It detects traps. Success depends on Luck and Agility.

Idol: Like the other members of Axis Hearts, Erika has "goddess-like" singing and dancing skills.

  • Self-Call & Response: A physical singing attack.
  • Flaming Serenade: A fire-attribute dancing attack.


  • Erika is one of the original characters created to KonoSuba: Fantastic Days game.
  • Her birthday is on May 17.