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Eris (エリス) is the Goddess of Luck responsible for the Parallel World and Aqua's junior in Heaven. While disguised as Chris (クリス), she is a thief and a good friend of both Darkness and Kazuma.


Eris has long silvery hair and blue eyes. In the anime, she is depicted with purple eyes and silver hair with a violet tint to it and portrayed as a slightly older girl. She possesses the physical appearance of a fifteen-year-old girl and is stated to be extremely beautiful by many people including Kazuma. Her peers describe her as having a delicate and beautiful face that impresses on them a hint of melancholy. Eris has long silver hair going down to her ankles which has a light purple ombre. She has two long bangs which reach down to her shoulders and an ahoge sprouting from her fringe.

Eris usually wears a purple coif on her head which matches the shade of her purple eyes, as well as a matching white and purple one-piece hagoromo dress with yellow trimmings which goes slightly passed her knees. She also wears purple shoes and white stockings, as well as a necklace with a pink diamond-shaped jewel in its center. She is not very buxom, and as such she usually wears breast pads.

Chris Anime

Her appearance as Chris is very similar to her real identity. She is a teenage girl with a light complexion and purple eyes. She has short silver hair and a light purple ombre of a sort. Her hair is longer. She has two strands of hair framing her face with a piece of hair pointing out from her fringe. She wears earrings. Most likely due to her tomboyish and outgoing nature, along with her flat chest and short hair, she is often mistaken for a boy. She does not cover up the small scar on her right cheek like she does as Eris.

Chris usually wears a fairly revealing outfit, an attire common among females of the rogue class. Her outfit consists of a light blue scarf, a short green cape which goes down to her elbows, a pair of black elbow gloves with normal brown gloves layered over them, short blue jean-shorts, white knee-high socks with a blue trimming, brown boots, and a bikini-like grey top. Ever since her first run-in with Kazuma, Chris has worn black leggings in case her panties are stolen again. She also wears diamond-shaped blue earrings and usually has an enchanted dagger fastened to waist at the back.


Eris is a goddess role model: kind, polite, industrious and noble. She always treats everyone with respect and empathy. However, due to her polite behavior, Eris is also a very acquiescent, especially to those above her rank, like her veteran Aqua. For such reason, she can't impose order, even yielding to the absurd demands of those Eris gets in touch in the Afterlife, like Aqua,[1] Kazuma[2] and Keele.[3]

As Chris, Eris displays a more boyish and laid-back side. Although she is usually has good sense, Chris is also mischievous and reckless, trying to outsmart Kazuma[4] and even stealing malicious nobles without thinking about the consequences.[5] Although she tries to look cool, Chris gets easily upset when she is frustrated or suffer any type of sexual harassment.

Both sides are, however, her true personality, as Eris is how Chris is at work while Chris is how Eris is at her spare time.[6] As both Eris and Chris, she is self-conscious about her breast size as well, since Eris uses pads on her chest to look well-endowed and Chris always gets frustrated with hints about her breast size and when she is mistaken for a boy, due to her tomboyish appearance.

Eris is also one of those types who cracks under pressure. When confronted, Chris either spilled the beans[7] or ran away,[8] being unable to keep any secret (although she has a double identity). Also, as Eris, she can't confront Aqua, being often intimated or coerced by her veteran, allowing Aqua to be disrespectful with her and even letting herself being overworked by doing their both jobs.[9]

Futhermore, Eris can be very vengeful sometimes, playfully taking revenge on Kazuma for stealing his pants[10] and threatening him with divine punishment if Kazuma sexually harasses her.[11] Eris even attacked Zeeleschilt's castle daily in order to exorcise him, because of the way he mistreated Darkness at his castle.[12] Aqua's poor luck also could be Eris' retaliation by the way Aqua intimidated her in Heaven.

Although she is one of the few KonoSuba characters with common sense, like Aqua, Eris dislikes both undead and demons too. However, her hatred is way more intense than Aqua's, to the point of going berserk with she ever meets one.[13] Eris also doesn't accept the idea of undead and demons could live in harmony with humanity, believing they should always be slayed no matter the situation.[8]


For Eris' history, see her History tab.


Eris, as a Goddess of Luck, has various physical powers that far exceed any normal human limitations. Also, as an authority in Heaven, she rules over the Parallel World as its goddess.

  • Immortality: As a goddess, Eris can stop aging by her will, keeping her young appearance endlessly.
  • Omniscience: As the goddess of the Parallel World, Eris' eyes can see all things in the mortal plain.
  • Divine Punishment: As a goddess, Eris can also bestow a divine punishment related to her domain (Luck).
  • Gate: Eris can open a portal to the mortal plain, in the form of a magic circle, transporting someone's soul to their old or a new body.
  • Temporary Body: Eris herself can traverse to the mortal plain by creating a mortal body to inhabit. However, while in her mortal body, Eris can not use any of her divine powers, neither emit a divine aura.
  • Holy Magic: Eris can also use her holy power to both cast supporting buffs and exorcise demons:
    • Powered: A spell that increases strength.
    • Protection: A spell that increases physical resistance.
    • Resistance: A spell that increases magical resistance.
    • Blessing: A spell that increases luck.
    • Haste: A spell that increases speed.

As Chris, Eris is a member of the Thief class, which giver her many skills specialized in dungeon exploration and burglary:

  • Luck: As a Goddess of Luck, Eris possesses an absurdly high Luck stat, so high that her adventurer card glitches when asked to display this stat. She is also very luck in various games, being the only person who can beat Kazuma in a game of jankenpon. However, that doesn't mean her panties can't get stolen, as it is required Magical Resistance, not Luck, to resist the Steal.
  • Steal: Steal a target's item at random. The item value depends on the user's Luck.
  • Bind: Summons ropes that tie an enemy.
  • Skill Bind: Prevents an enemy from using Skills.
  • Enemy Detection: Allows the user to sense hostiles using "Radar-like" pings.
  • Detect Treasure: It detects treasures.
  • Detect Trap: It detects traps. Success depends on Luck and Agility.
  • Disarm Trap: It disarms traps. Success depends on Luck and Agility.
  • Lockpick: It allows a person to pick locks.
  • Lurk: Reduces the visibility and scent of the user and anyone or anything they touch.
  • Flee: Allows user to make a quick getaway.
  • Wire Trap: Creates traps from wires.


Enchanted Dagger: The dagger she carries with her is enchanted to fight especially against demons.

Barrier Breaker: A magical item that breaks barriers and seals. Chris used this to invade the Royal Castle's vault.


  • Eris ended up becoming responsible for both her and Aqua's job when the later went to the Parallel World.[14]
  • As both Chris and Eris she scratches the scar on her cheek when she is nervous. Kazuma discovered Chris' true identity because of this fact.[15]
  • Eris took the name of her alter-ego, Chris, from a flower known as a Chris.[16]
  • After Eris' public descent to Axel, the city is now recognized as a holy city by the whole country.[17]
  • In a side story, when asked to show her luck stat value, as Chris, her adventurer's card glitches out due to her unbelievably high luck.[18]
  • Kazuma wished Eris to be his cheat "item" after killing the Devil King,[19] she then was able to ascend back to Heaven after her peers took pity on her.[20]
  • Eris' birthday is on Christmas Day, 25th December.
  • In the initial web novel, Chris was initially a character separate from Eris, up to the point she participated in the battle against Beldia where she Stole his head.
    • Chris was set up to be Eris' avatar starting from when she spent the winter at Kazuma's mansion, and ran around hunting for the Succubi after the incident with the Newbie Succubus.
    • She stopped showing up as Chris subsequent to the part about Darkness' marriage, despite continuing to appear as Eris.
  • In Isekai Quartet she supposedly has the ability to read truths and lies!