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Eris (エリス) is the goddess of Fortune and Aqua's junior in the fantasy world, as well as a main supporting character in the Konosuba series. While disguised as Chris (クリス), she is a thief and a good friend of Darkness and Kazuma.


Eris is a beautiful girl with long silvery hair and blue eyes. In the anime, she is depicted with purple eyes and silver hair with a violet tint to it and portrayed as a slightly older girl. She possesses the physical appearance of a fifteen years-old girl and is stated to be extremely beautiful by many people including Kazuma, and her peers describe her as having a delicate and beautiful face that impresses on them a hint of melancholy. Eris has long silver hair going down to her ankles which has a light purple ombre. She has two long bangs which reach down to her shoulders and an ahoge sprouting from her fringe.

Eris usually wears a purple coif on her head which matches the shade of her purple eyes, as well as a matching white and purple one-piece hagoromo dress with yellow trimmings which goes slightly passed her knees. She also wears purple shoes and white stockings, as well as a necklace with a pink diamond-shaped jewel in its center. She is not very buxom when it comes to the chest area, and as such she usually wears breast pads in an attempt to imitate having more favorable assets

Chris Anime.jpg

Her appearance as Chris is very similar to her real identity. She is a teenage girl with a light complexion and purple eyes. She has short silver hair and a light purple ombre of a sort. Her hair is longer at the front of which she has two strands of hair framing her face with a piece of hair pointing out from her fringe. She wears earrings and has a small scar on her right cheek. Most likely due to her tomboyish and outgoing nature, along with her flat chest and short hair, she is often mistaken for a boy. Instead of covering up her scar like she does as Eris, Chris leaves her deep-cut entirely visible.

Chris usually wears a fairly revealing outfit, an attire common among females of the rogue class. Her outfit consists of a light blue scarf, a short green cape which goes down to her elbows, a pair of black elbow gloves with normal brown gloves layered over them, short blue jean-shorts, white knee-high socks with a blue trimming, brown boots, and a bikini-like grey top. Ever since her first run-in with Kazuma, Chris has worn black leggings in case her panties are stolen again. She also wears diamond-shaped blue earrings and usually has an enchanted dagger fastened to waist at the back.


Eris is a very kind and gentle girl who treats others with kindness and respect. She is also very caring and she always interests her adherents. She has a very cheerful attitude, but she can sometimes act a bit childish. She is insecure about her breast size and uses breast pads to compensate. Aqua often embarrasses her with this knowledge, as Eris wants as few people as possible to notice her lack in bust. As a result of her kind-hearted and gentle nature, her scent is noted to be very fragrant.

While disguised as Chris, she displays an even more cheerful and energetic demeanor that is almost always seen with a big smile and boasting a bright personality. Though befitting her role as a thief, she sometimes acts quite childish and mischievous when around the prospects of treasure.

However, when around Demons and Undead, her personality takes a drastic change. She becomes incredibly cruel and violent toward the demon or monster, and will attack and attempt to kill them without a single thought or mercy, not even taking into account whether or not the monster in question is good or evil.


Eris is the immortal Goddess of Luck and Fortune who presides over the world in which the series takes place. As such Eris is the main deity worshiped by the Eris Order, the predominant religion in the Fantasy World, even having the currency named after her. When anyone dies it is Eris' job to guide them into their next life, whether it be going to Heaven or reincarnating.

Although she is the most worshiped Goddess in the fantasy world, Eris is still the underling of Aqua, whose more fanatical followers give her more power and Aqua would often make Eris do her work for her. Eris often goes down to world, both for fun and to seal or regain Divine Artifacts (cheat items given to those reincarnated from Japan).

One day, one of her worshipers by the name of Darkness prayed to Eris, asking for friends to adventure with. Taking pity on Darkness, Eris granting her request personally by descending to the world as the thief Chris. Eris, as Chris, would become friends with her follower Darkness and occasionally go on adventures with her, never revealing her true identity to anyone in the fantasy world.


Eris, as a Goddess, has various physical traits that far exceed any normal human limitations. Among these abilities is Immortality, which allows her to keep the appearance of a young and beautiful woman for all of time.

Furthermore she is capable of transporting people's souls into new or existing bodies, such as when she reincarnates a hero. She can even manipulate the events of that person's future life to a certain extent, and can witness events in the mortal world as if she were there. Lastly, Eris can traverse to the mortal plains by creating a mortal body to inhabit, which is how she is able to adventure as Chris. Unfortunately, while inhabiting a mortal body as Chris, Eris can not use any of her divine powers and doesn't emit a divine aura.

As Chris, Eris is a member of the Thief class, which gives her access to Rogue skills. Furthermore, as the Goddess of Luck, Chris has the highest luck characteristic in the fantasy world. Her luck stat is so high that her adventurer card glitches when asked to display it, she was even able to beat Kazuma in a game of rock-paper-scissors, despite him having incredibly high luck as well.

  • Luck: As a Goddess of Fortune, Eris possesses a great deal of luck in various games, being the only person who can beat Kazuma in a game of janken. However, that doesn't mean her panties can't get stolen, as Kazuma was able to do so with his luck, since to resist Steal, magic resistance is needed, not luck.
  • Bind Skills: The Bind skill allows the user to instantly bind a target in rope providing they have a rope on them, naturally the strength of the rope used and the luck of the user effect the skill's power. Chris also knows a variant called Skill Bind, which, when used, prevents an enemy from using Skills temporarily.
  • Deactivation skills: Chris can use various skills related to deactivating or breaking through obstacles in her path. One of these skills is Lockpicking, which allows the user to break any lock. Another deactivation skill is Disarm Trap, which allows the user to disarm any traps in their path. Like with most Rogue skills, the effectiveness of these skills is dependent on the user's luck stat.
  • Detection skills: Chris can use various skills related to detecting certain objects or creatures. Chris knows Enemy Detection, which will alert her of any enemies in the area; Treasure Detection, which detects any valuable items in the area; and Trap Detection, which will detect any placed traps in the area. Like with most Rogue skills, the effectiveness of these three skills is dependent on the user's luck stat.
  • Steal: As Chris, she is very skilled at using the steal skill, explaining her occupation as a thief. She is the one who taught Kazuma this skill.
  • Lurk: A skill that makes the user difficult to detect. While not providing the same level of concealment as invisibility, it does allow Chris to move without being noticed.
  • Escape: Allows user to make a quick getaway.
  • Wire Trap: Creates traps from wires.


Enchanted Dagger: The dagger she carries with her is enchanted to fight especially against demons


  • Kazuma wished Eris to be his cheat "item" after killing the demon king, she then was able to ascend back to Heaven after her peers took pity on her.
  • Eris took the name of her alter-ego, Chris, from a flower known as a Chris.
  • After Eris' descending to Axel in LN Volume 8, the city is now recognised as a holy city by the whole country.
  • In a side story, when asked to show her luck stat value, as Chris, her adventurer's card glitches out due to her unbelievably high luck.
  • Eris' birthday is on Christmas Day, December 25th.