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The Eris Order (エリス(きょう) Erisu Kyō), also known as the Eris Cult or the Eris Church, is a religion that reveres Eris, the Goddess of Fortune.


It is the national faith of the Kingdom of Belzerg, with members of the nobility like the Dustiness family traditionally being faithful followers of the Eris Order.

Members of the Eris Order host the Eris Appreciation Festival each summer annually. In the festival women and some men will dress up as the Goddess Eris so that Eris can descend from the heavens and walk among the masses without having to reveal her identity. It is also said that dressing up as the Goddess Eris keeps the person safe and well until the next festival, although this is confirmed by Chris to be only superstition.[1]

Although there are more followers of the Eris Order, the Axis Order followers are more fanatical, giving Aqua more power than Eris.

After Eris' publicized descent to Axel, the city became regarded as a Holy site for the Eris Order.[2]

Holy Site[]

City of Axel