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Faitfore (フェイトフォー) is an elder dragon who can assume a human form, and previously fought together with her master Lain back in the Kingdom of Brydle.


Faitfore in her dragon form has is completely white. According to Dust, she looks more beautiful than scary, with large, pure-white wings, reminding an angel, and also white scales, black eyes and large claws.

In her human form, Faitfore looks like a ten years-old girl, with long and flowing silver hair, pale skin and yellow eyes. She also has a soft voice. Faitfore usually wears a vibrantly colored and clean one piece dress. Dust bought her an adult size necklace with a big red jewel that she often wears in her both forms.

When Faitfore is angry, her eyes, both in her human and dragon forms, turns blood red.


Faitfore is a kuudere-type, as she is usually expressionless. Only Dust is able to tell when her mood changes, as when she blushes or her eyes turns red by anger. Although Faitfore is a laconic type, who usually just talks to Dust or when someone talks to her first, she is very forthright, unblushingly confessing her love to Dust.

Faitfore is very clinging to Dust, acting as a daddy's girl, enjoying being doted on by him and defending Dust when someone is mean to him. She is also very jealous, not liking Rin and how close they both are to each other. Faitfore is strong-willed too, running away from Dust in order to "play outside" Axel because he wasn't spending time with her. However she isn't resentful, as Faitfore forgave him quickly afterwards.

Although she usually has the mentality of a regular child, Faitfore is still a very instinctive monster. She dislikes clothes and enjoys water and open spaces. Faitfore also sleeps and eats when she feels like it. Faitfore has the habits of biting people when they make her angry and rub her face on Dust's chest when she wants caress.

Faitfore also is a big eater, as, in her human form, she still eats the same as when she is a giant-size dragon. Faitfore can eats dozens of plates at one go, and she is willing of eat even monsters (like Mandrakes) and demons (like Lolisa).


Not much of Faitfore's past is known before she met Dust. The oldest memory mentioned in the story was that she was captured and held in an underground room in a mansion. The magical cage she was trapped in inhibited the use of her healing magic and sealed her strength, preventing her escape and thus enraging her. She first met Lain Sheyka after he raided the place. Thanks to his sharp wit and magnetic personality (towards dragons, at least), he managed to placate her, and after a brief exchange, she agreed to form a covenant with him. The two of them would then share many memories together in the castle, and rise up to become a powerful duo.

But that was not to be. Lain lost his title as a Dragon Knight after fleeing with her and the Princess of Brydle to fulfill the Princess's wish- he was to be exiled from his home and his bloodline dissolved. Faitfore would be unable to join him - she remained in Brydle after his exile.

However, Faitfore rose to become an Elder Dragon during an undisclosed period of time after Lain's exile. With the help of the princess, she assumed a human form and fled undetected by the guards. Despite being unused to her new body, she headed to Axel as per the princess's instructions and managed to locate Lain - who was now an alcoholic, spendrift, and perverted delinquent who went by the name Dust. Dust was initially unable to recognize her, much to her distress. Despite her inner conflict on how Lain's personality had changed drastically, she treated Dust the same as ever - and decided to stay by his side, despite his Dragon Knight title taken from him. Their bond only continued grew deeper as Dust continued adventuring, even to the point where she professed her love for Dust - much to Rin's chagrin.


The White Dragons are considered one of the most docile subtypes. Despite this, they still possess high amounts of power, and are not to be underestimated.

  • Enhanced Senses: Faitfore is able to distinguish people by their smells, and able to distinguish between humans and other races by scent alone, and also detect hide enemies.
  • Flight Ability: The ability to fly in the sky, using wings in her dragon form. Faitfore is capable at flying at very high speeds, far surpassing that of Lolisa.
  • Strength: She's able to fight off a large horde of monsters all at once, and most adventurers in Axel are hesitant to fight her, especially without the help of Kazuma.
  • Form Change: Faitfore, as an elder dragon, is able to assume a human form. She is able to alternate between both forms at will, but possesses some draconic traits even while in her human form. Examples include her appetite, ability to use her breath weapon and enhancing Dust's abilities due to their covenant.
  • Breath (Fire): The skill to breathe out an elemental power, as a white dragon, Faitfore breathes dark flames. She is also capable of using her fire breath while in human form - this is shown when she exhaled her fire breath in said human form to protect Dust from a Dullahan's attack.
  • Sacred Aura: Dust mentioned that white dragons can make use of sacred magic to heal their wounds on their body although it is unknown if they can use this ability on other beings. Faitfore's sacred nature makes touching her mildly painful for weak demons like Lolisa, and her spit can burn even a high-ranked demon such as Zeeleschilt. Also, on her dragon form, she would weaken Wiz by just staying close to her.
  • Draconic Covenant: A sacred pact forged between a Human and Dragon (Namely Dust, Formerly Lain Sheyka). This pact enhances the abilities of the human, such as their physical traits, while in exchange, allows the dragon to unlock its full potential. When in close proximity to each other, the pair gain a further boost in their combat versatility. However, this covenant appears to have some disadvantages - dragon and rider share in pain and joy alike. Negative emotions, ailments and to some extent, pain[1], when afflicted upon one of them - also affects the other.
  • Fire Resistance:[2] The fire resistance is innate to White Dragons, and it appears that Dust benefits from it due to their covenant. This also further explains why Dust was able to withstand a Breath attack from Faitfore without being incinerated.[3]



  1. Requires further research. The only evidence of this is when Dust was headbutted by Rin - Faitfore was seen holding her head in pain, just like Dust after been headbutted. However, this may also have been caused by the mandrake's effects and her attempts to fight off the aggression caused by consuming them. Interpretation of this action is difficult, hence this footnote.
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