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Fio (フィオ) is a girl who is part of the Mitsurugi Kyouya's party with Cremea.


Fio is an attractive young girl with a well developed figure along with maroon colored hair tied in two braids and purple eyes. She wears an orange tube top with a brown v-neck cut along with a skirt of the same color with white frills underneath. She also wears a short white hooded coat with two blue diamond shaped pins.


Not much is known about her personality but what is shown is that just like Cremea she deeply admires and respects Mitsurugi and has shown herself to have strong feelings for him as well. Although it seems that she is more open about her feelings than Cremea, even though Kyouya doesn't notice.


Nothing is known about her history prior to her meeting Mitsurugi but it is assumed that she has known him for a good while considering the fact Mitsurugi has become a well known adventurer and developed feelings for him.