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Funifura (ふにふら) is a member of the Crimson Magic Clan. She is also one of Yunyun and Megumin's former classmates and is often seen next to Dodonko.


Funifura is a young girl with light-black hair and crimson red eyes, a trait she shares with most members of her clan. She has free-flowing bangs and long, straight hair which she ties into pigtails.

During her time as a student, Funifura wore the basic Crimson Magic school uniform, consisted of a pink shirt dress, a knee-length black cloak which Funifura chose to tie around her waist, and a red and orange-striped tie. She also wears long brown boots.


Funifura, like many girls her age, seeks a life of adventure and romance. Because of her isolated upbringing in the Crimson Magic Village, Funifura hasn't had many interactions with the opposite gender; as such she often gets nervous when speaking to men such as Kazuma. She has displayed open jealousy of Megumin's relationship with Kazuma.

She can be manipulative at times as she and Dodonko used to trick Yunyun into giving them her lunch by saying "We're friends, right?". She also tried to extort money from her because of her "sick brother", which was latter revealed as being truth.

She and Dodonko share an extremely similar personality, but, according to herself, Funifura has a brother complex.


Advanced Magic: Like all Crimson Magic Clan members, Funifura is a powerful mage can use various intermediate and advanced spells.

  • Inferno: An advanced spell capable of incinerating objects or living beings within a certain radius.