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Funifura (ふにふら) is a member of the Crimson Demons. She is also one of Yunyun and Megumin's former classmates and is often seen next to Dodonko.


Funifura is a young girl with light-black hair and crimson red eyes, a trait she shares with the members of her clan. She usually wears the basic Red Prison uniform, consisted of a pink shirt dress, a knee-length black cloak which Funifura chose to tie around her waist, and a red and orange-striped tie.

Unlike Dodonko, she wear twintails tied by white ribbons, a shorter skirt and leather boots. Funifura is also a bit smaller than Dodonko.


Like her friend Dodonko, Funifura is a frivolous girl, only interested in gossip and romance, being the later influenced by her chuuni liking, fantasing about a love triangle with a lover of her past life.[1] However she has no experience interacting with the opposite gender, getting nervous when speaking with men like Kazuma, and jealous of Megumin's love life.[2]

Funifura is also mean, often making fun of Megumin and Yunyun, but getting frustrated easily when countered[3]. As a Crimson Demon, she is very cunning, and also manipulative, pretending to be Yunyun's friend in order to extort her,[3] although for a good cause.[4] According to Megumin, Funifura and Dodonko are troublemakers.

Funifura also has a brother complex, being infatuated by her little brother, even describing herself as the "foremost among who love their brothers".[5]


For Funifura's history, see her History tab.


Advanced Magic: Like all Crimson Demons, Funifura is a powerful arch wizard who mastered the Advanced Magic.[6]

  • Inferno: Summons enormous flames that incinerate the surrounding area.
  • Cursed Lightning: Shoots a piercing bolt of black lightning. She uses this spell in Fantastic Days game.


  • Her name originated from the Neapolitan ballad Funiculì, Funiculà.
  • Funifura's birthday is on 9th October.
  • Funifura is just 1.4 cm taller than Megumin.[7]