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Gods ((しん)(ぞく)) are a divine race from Heaven those preside over a certain domain and territory.


The goddesses usually look like women of extreme beauty and a noble aura. However, Wolbach's Violent Aspect took the appearance of a demonic beast.


The gods are a race who inhabits Heaven. They are responsible for taking care of the living world from the Afterlife and determining if a deceased person should go to Heaven or Hell.[1]

Aside from presiding over a certain domain, each god has a jurisdiction (Eris' is the Parallel World and Aqua's is Japan). Although they can shift over their territory, if a god breaks into another god's territory, they may become unable to come back to the Afterlife.[2]

The gods also have an ancient rivalry with the Demons, the tribe from Hell, as some gods go berserker if they meet one of them.[3] They also treat the undead with scorn, seeing them as those who turned against the laws of the gods in order to stay alive.[4]


Dark God (邪神) refers to an evil deity. They usually preside over a dark domain and unlike regular gods, who don't associate themselves with undead and demons, those gods have undead and demons among their followers.

Minor God (マイナー神) refers to gods who possess just a few followers. It can refer to less known gods with just a few or one follower, or to a god with a small church, like the Axis Order.

Angels (天使) are a race from Heaven whom possesses the gods' blood in their veins,[5] as well as a feminine or androgenous appearance and pure white wings. Like the demons, they are genderless.[6]

Fallen Angels (堕天使) are low-ranked angels who turned against the laws of the gods, and possesses pitch-black wings. They are considered as a type of monster.[5]


The power of the gods come from their followers' faith. A god's power is proportional to the intensity of that faith, so they can have a high rank even with a few followers.[7] On the other hand, gods without followers will cease to exist.[8] They also possess abilities related to their domain, as Aqua can use water-type magic while Eris has astronomic luck.

Immortality: Although a god has a lifespan and can age, they are able to stop aging at will, for example Aqua stopped aging when "her beauty and stats were maxed out".[9]

Blessing: The gods have the ability to share their powers with their followers, allowing them to perform miracles with the power they borrowed.

Divine Punishment: The gods also posses the ability of bestow someone a divine punishment related to their domain.[10]

Divine Protection: Gods are protected from the powers of demons, therefore Vanir can't see Aqua's future,[11] and Maxwell can't manipulate her memories because of a "bright light" stopping them.[12]

Omniscience: The gods can see everything in the living world. Even after they fall, they keep the ability to see anything even in darkness.[13]

Aspect: The gods can be divided into two separate entities. While they are separated, they can't use their full power, and if one aspect gets too weak, they will be absorbed by their other half.[14]

Undead/Demon Detection: Gods can also detect undead and demons by their scent.

Holy Aura: They also possess an aura full of vitality, that attracts and cause damage to the undead.[15]

If a god takes a temporary mortal form, they will not being able to use their real powers.[16] Also, if a god peforms sexual intercourse, they will lose their powers.[17]

Parallel World Gods[]

Name Domain Jurisdiction Followers
Aqua Water Japan Axis Order
Eris Luck Parallel World Eris Order
Wolbach Violence
- Devil King's Army
Regina Puppetry
- Serena

Other Gods[]

  • The Shinto Sun Goddess Amaterasu is referenced as a goddess who became a NEET and locked herself in a cave, while the other gods threw a party to get her out.[18]
  • According to the Crimson Demons, people can summon the Goddess of Silver and Gold by offering axes and coins to their Wishing Pond.[19]
  • According to Megumin, her sister is the incarnation of Astroborg, the God of Violent Hunger.
  • A running gag is that Megumin claims to have been the Goddess of Destruction in her previous life. In the game Fantastic Days this god is named as Stargnoc (ウトデメオ Utodemeo).[20]
  • According to Natsume Akatsuki, Zenarith, the Goddess of Undeath and Disaster mentioned in Combatants Will Be Dispatched! and Kemono Michi, is Regina's sister.


  • Although gods don't use the bathroom according to Aqua,[21] they do still bleed.[14]
  • According to Aqua, she and Eris are the only recognized gods of the Parallel World.[10]