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The Helmet Guy (兜の人) is an unnamed nobleman who has a sexual obsession with Dust.[1]


His true appearance is a middle-aged man with black hair, black horseshoe mustache, and round dark eyes who is dressed in noble attire.[2]

Ever since buying Dust's old helmet, he is frequently seen walking around wearing it, and sometimes even put on a whole set of armour.


The Helmet Guy talks with a formal way of speech, but quickly descends into heavy panting and rushed words when involved with Dust.[3] His whole life seems to revolve around the delinquent adventurer whom he regularly stalks, and he will do anything to get attention or approval from Dust, thus an effective way of contacting him comprises of loudly talking about how Dust needs help.[4]


Born into a strict noble family where feelings of affection were tightly restricted, he one day fell in love with Dust at first sight. Yet the social barrier between nobles and adventurers, as well as homosexuality being frowned upon by all but the Axis Order which he eventually joined, meant that he could only indulge his unrequited love by peeking at Dust from a distance.[5]

Despite hiring Chris with taking paparazzi pictures of Dust for his collection in addition to repeatedly using the services of the Succubus Cafe, he still wasn't satisfied with merely looking at his love from afar or recording Dust's everyday activities, and became jealous at Kazuma who could publicly fraternise with Dust. Then one day when he went on a walk around Axel, during which he purchased a necklace said to be capable of turning spoken lies around, he walked past the general store where Dust regularly loitered, and to his surprise found Dust's helmet put out for sale. After verifying its source with the store owner, he hurriedly purchased the helmet, before heading off to a lonely corner where he put it on. Feeling pure bliss at being surrounded by Dust's scent, he decided to wear it when going out around town for hiding his noble identity and hopefully allowing him to approach Dust.[5]

When the Succubus Cafe faced a police raid courtesy of Sena and her Association to Protect Women's Chances of Marriage, the Loli Succubus asked him to help play the role of a regular customer asking for consultations from a fortune telling service, a favour he readily agreed to, since this plan formulated by Dust for fooling Sena provided an opportunity to naturally get close with him. Appearing at the Cafe on the day of the raid, wearing the helmet and bringing along the necklace that could cancel out the capabilities of Sena's magical lie-detecting bell, he couldn't help staring at Dust, and could barely breathe when the Loli Succubus suggested him sit beside the delinquent for Sena's interrogation. He proceeded to play along with Dust's lie about the city's male adventurers mostly being gay, though when questioned about whether he loves a man, the helmet guy confessed without naming names how much he loved Dust. When the excited Sena next asked him to prove how gay he was, the helmet guy went ahead and began fondling Dust much to his disturbance, though it successfully got Sena convinced.[3]

Two weeks later, the Loli Succubus contacted him during his stalking because a temporary member hired by Dust's party, with whom they went on a quest against Goblins near Keele's Dungeon instead of Dust, turned out to be an accomplice of a criminal organisation aiming to mug the party on top of kidnapping Rin, and now Dust needed horses as well as somebody to accompany him on a rescue mission. Bringing a spear and two horses his family had raised, the helmet guy rendezvoused with Dust at the city gate, though the whole way he could only jealously glare at the Loli Succubus, who Dust had dragged onto his horse and rode at his back. When some members in the band of lolicon criminals they ran into, to whom Dust claimed that he was a new member, began recognising Dust as the one who thwarted their earlier attempted kidnapping of Darkness, the helmet guy promptly knocked them out with a surprise attack, allowing Dust to cut up the criminals' bows in the confusion so that the trio could make off. He next helped Dust turn the hillside they escaped atop of into a muddy wet bog with a faulty portable magical toilet, as well as assist with goading the pursing criminals into the trap that saw the whole lot all electrocuted, before expertly stripping the men and tying them onto trees. When the three of them eventually found Dust's party while the accomplice was asleep, he helped convince Taylor, Keith, and Rin about the veracity of Dust's revelation. Going to sleep with the others sans Dust soon afterwards, the helmet guy accompanied the party back to Axel on the following day.[6]

This continuous observation from afar dotted by rare instances where he had to hide his face in order to approach Dust, however, soon weren't enough to satisfy him. He eventually began contacting Rin with his face unhelmeted, and repeatedly confided with her in his inn room over how tortured he was with a perpetual barrier between him and his love. On one such conversation, he passionately asked Rin to take using his magical camera a sexy photo of Dust, at which Rin took him downstairs for a meal in order for him to calm down from his fantasy. Yet upon the pair returning to his room, he became overjoyed at the sight of Kazuma busy taking photos of Dust, who was naked except for red lacy lingerie. Rin accordingly took Kazuma outside to leave him and Dust alone, so muttering praises for Aqua, he advanced on the horrified Dust to enact what he had always dreamt of.[1]

The Helmet Guy later on answered Dust's call about him wanting to drink with a guy, and heard about how he needed to borrow the Dragon Knight helmet back for one day, at which the helmet guy also borrowed him a suit of armour to match it.[4]

While riding his horse through Axel as the Devil King's Army attacked the city, the helmet guy ran into Dust carrying Faitfore, and despite being surprised at a little girl by his side, still promised Dust to transport Faitfore around for her to protect the townsfolk from attacking monsters, in addition to taking what he sees of her to the grave. The two of them soon followed the trail of monsters heading for Kazuma's mansion, only to witness some attackers being repelled by Anna and the vegetables in the yard while the others were distracted by Chomusuke and Emperor Zel. After that lot of monsters was disposed of, the helmet guy borrowed the horse for Dust and Faitfore to ride, because then he could become one with Dust by sitting on the saddle he had sat on.[7]


He is an adept fighter with the spear, having trained with it since a young age when he was aspiring to become a knight.[6]


Spear: He wields a spear whenever he is needed for a fight.[6]

Dust's Helmet: The helmet worn by Dust when he was a Dragon Knight, which got sold to a general store before the noble bought it, and was regularly worn whenever going outside.[5]

Necklace: A magic item capable of reversing the magical effects of the lies spoken by the wearer, which in extension renders the magic bells authorities use for lie-detection useless.[3]


  • The noble
    In the manga, he is a young handsome man with mid-length blonde hair and blue eyes.[8]

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