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Hiropon (ひろぽん) is the chief of the Crimson Demons, as well as Yunyun's father.[1]


Hiropon is a middle-aged man with a mustache in addition to red eyes and dark hair much like all Crimson Demons. He wears fingerless gloves and a neck choker, following a sense of fashion which despite seeming flashy to outsiders, is admired and considered to be fashionable attire among his peers.


Although he is the chief of his people, Hiropon has a carefree and cheerful personality. As a Crimson Demon, he has a tendency of being melodramatic and overreact about trivial questions, often being tragic even if there is nothing actually serious or dangerous happening.[1] As a father, Hiropon is also zealous and prone to thrill, feeling proud of his daughter's growing[2] and protecting her honor.[3]


Ruling the Crimson Demon Village ever since inheriting his chieftainship, Hiropon among other craziness maintained the clan's traditions of harassing the Devil King in addition to keeping many weird on top of dangerous "tourist attractions" around, and oversaw the village through many ordeals.

Sometime after Yunyun settled in Axel, a contingent of the Devil King's Army led by Sylvia the Devil King's General began launching continuous attacks on the village, though Hiropon simply treated it as something that could be used as a live show for outsiders, in which the overpowered villagers annihilated the monsters again and again.[1]

As the year extended into spring, Hiropon wrote a letter to Yunyun that in Crimson Demon fashion painted a grim picture of doom about the clan's situation despite them holding an overwhelming advantage. Since Arue also planned to send a manuscript of her new fictional tale to Yunyun, he in hopes of saving on postage had it mailed along with his letter inside the same envelope.[4]

When an anxious Yunyun rushed back to the village with Kazuma's party in tow a few days later, the chief casually explained the actual situation, and took the opportunity of another attack by the Devil King's Army to demonstrate how the clan could easily carry their own, even if they were vastly outnumbered and up against Sylvia herself.[1]

Soon after a night raid ordered by Sylvia ended up with her merging with the Mage-Killer, however, Hiropon as she razed the village was forced to evacuate alongside the other villagers in addition to Kazuma's party to Demon's Hill. Wondering how was she able to break the seal on the storage where the anti-magic weapon was kept, he anyhow led the villagers into a counterattack against Sylvia so that Kazuma could lead his team to seek a counter against the Mage-Killer.[5]
(In the anime, Hiropon was forced to retreat when his magic was nullified by the Mage-Killer, thus he later transferred his magical powers to Wiz so that she could pass it on to Megumin and Yunyun.[2]

Following the demise of Sylvia and the rebuilding of the village, the villagers began noticing Mecha Owl Monsters plaguing the nearby forests and attacking anyone they find, so Hiropon ordered these pests to be swatted on sight.[6]

Hiropon continued to provide support to Yunyun when she returned for the trials to become the next chieftain, and didn't take Aigis' sexual harassment of Yunyun kindly, although he only ended up hurting himself when attacking the divine suit of armour.[3]

During the Devil King's Daughter's attack on the Royal Capital, Hiropon appeared to be part of the Crimson Demons force taking part in its defence.[7]


Advanced Magic: Like all Crimson Demons, Hiropon is a powerful Arch Wizard who mastered Advanced Magic.

  • Lightning Strike: Summons bolts of lightning from the sky to strike their opponent.


  • He was simple referred to as "the chief" in the light novels.