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Hoost (ホースト) is a Greater Demon that served Wolbach.


Hoost appears as a towering and muscular figure with pitch black skin that has a metallic luster, and white eyes with no irises. He has two pairs of horns: one pair sprouting from either side of his head, and the other pair protruding from his cheeks. He has giant bat-like wings jutting out of his back that allow him to fly at high speeds, as well as sharp teeth. Lord Hoost wears no clothing on any part of his body.


He is an intimidating demon on the outside but he does have soft spot for Megumin's little sister and promised to be her familiar once she grows up to learn magic and summon him, He was loyal to Wolbach. During Wolbach's disappearance he met Komekko were they became friends until he bid farewell to search for Wolbach.


Hoost is an extremely strong demon, whose powers are comparable to the generals of the Demon King.

Immense Strength: During the raid, Hoost appeared and attacked the large group of adventurers with ease where Luna witnessed his strength in her magic crystal ball.

Advanced magic: In addition to high physical abilities, he is able to use advanced magic.