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Host (ホースト) is a High-Ranked Demon who, alongside Arnes, served Wolbach, the Goddess of Sloth and Violence.[1]


Host appears as a towering and muscular figure with pitch black skin that has a metallic luster, as well as white eyes with no pupils. He has two pairs of horns: one pair sprouting from either side of his head, and the other pair protruding from his cheeks. He has giant bat-like wings jutting out of his back that allow him to fly at high speeds, as well as sharp teeth.


Althouth Host looks like intimidating and brute demon on the outside, he is rather reasonable, and well-mannered, disliking to pick a fight unnecessarily. Host also have a soft spot for Komekko, being sweet and pampering her, even promising to be her familiar once she grows up to learn magic and summons Host properly,[2] but lecturing her when Komekko did it without an appropriate offering.[3]

Host is also a very proud demon and a loyal Wolbach's servant, so contracts are absolute to him. He was even willing to fight and kill Megumin (who is Komekko's sister) if that's what it takes to fulfill his obligation to the Dark God.[4] However, once Host was about to be destroyed, he was conformed, since it would release him from his contract with Wolbach, dying with dignity.[5]


Contracted to serve as Wolbach's right-hand man, Host was sent to the Crimson Demon Village for breaking the seal at the Tomb of the Dark God and freeing his mistress' violent aspect. He however had trouble trying to solve the puzzle needed for unraveling the seal, until he met Komekko as she came to play at the Tomb again. Deciding not to kill her because she was just a child, Host was astounded when Komekko easily solved a portion of the puzzle. Failing to make any further progress himself, Host gave Komekko food in exchange for her solving the seal puzzle,[1] though sometimes Komekko would just laze around after eating her fill of the game Host hunted from the surrounding forest.[6]

As Komekko got bored from solving one puzzle only for a more difficult one to appear, several days later Host had to take her into the forest in order to appease her into continuing, and got a fright when she charged a sloth of One-Punch Bears that he frantically rescued her from.[7] When all of the puzzles were finally solved and an inscription appeared instructing them to offer up a sacrifice consisting of a hen and her child for awakening the sealed half of Wolbach, Host after telling Komekko of how the Wolbach's violent aspect looked like a big, black beast gave her money to buy the sacrifice, only to have her return with a chicken-and-egg rice bowl, so the exasperated Demon flew away to look for a proper sacrifice.[8]

Host several weeks later managed to find a live hen and her chick, yet upon returning to the Crimson Demon Village, where he found a portion of the forest near the Tomb blown up, he was shocked when Komekko told him that during his absence, Wolbach's sealed half had managed to free herself before awakening the unnamed goddess also sealed in the village for a challenge, but after a fierce battle ended up being vanquished. Subsequently realising how he wouldn't have remained in this world if Wolbach was dead, Host now assured of Wolbach's survival decided to travel the world in search of her. Next bidding farewell to Komekko, from whom he took away the hen and chick because she wanted to eat them, Host agreed on being her familiar if she manages to summon him someday.[2]

After wandering for many months, Host traced his goddess to Axel, and began searching the nearby forest for her. During one such day, he was attracted by an Explosion in the forest, and discovered close to the desolation a collapsed Megumin and Yunyun. Realising them to be Crimson Demons, Host proceeded to make a Crimson Demon style introduction, yet the pair fled in terror before he could finish asking if they had seen a big, black beast.[9]

Host discovered a week later that a large contingent of adventurers, led by Mitsurugi who was on the hit list of the Devil King's Army his mistress was serving, were heading into the forest hunting for him. The Demon thus laid in ambush as Mitsurugi approached with the vanguard, and successfully wounded him in a surprise attack in addition to taking out scores of other adventurers, though in return he had a wing chopped off by the Swordmaster, thus had to retreat as the adventurers evacuated with their injured.[4]

On the following day, Host picked up the scent of Wolbach somewhere in the forest to which he hurried, and upon glimpsing a black beast being locked into a cage by Rex's party, furiously knocked the three of them unconscious. Discovering that the caged beast was actually a Beginner's Bane, he next turned to the nearby Yunyun and Megumin, the latter of whom apparently giving off a strong scent of Wolbach. With Megumin confessing to have kept the other half of Wolbach whom she had named Chomusuke as a pet, the Demon who didn't want conflict with Komekko's kin offered to leave them and the city alone if they bring him the violent aspect on the following day.[4]

Subsequent to leaving them, however, Host was beset by Darkness and Chris, the former tanking his attacks while the latter wounded him before they retreated. Enraged, the Demon went to take it out by attacking Axel, only to be left severely weakened at the city walls when Aqua in the middle of doing masonry work blasted him with nasty exorcism magic.[10]

Host anyhow went to the hills near the city on the following day to pick up the violent aspect of Wolbach as he was promised, but instead discovered it to be a black stuffed toy cat that somehow gave off Wolbach's scent, which he tore up in rage.[5] Subsequently attacked by Yunyun who was supported by an arsenal of magic items and Rex's party as they emerged from hiding, Host in his weakened state found the adventurers annoyingly hard to deal with. He managed to find an opening when Yunyun tried to blind him with Flash, something Demons are immune to, allowing him to successfully defeated Terry and Sophie. Proceeding to defeat Rex also, Host was then surprised to find himself Paralysed by Yunyun after she drank a magic potion capable of boosting the power of the spell, before finding the revelation about Yunyun being Paralysed too as a side effect quite hilarious.[10]

As both sides were caught at a stalemate, the Demon offered a truce for the day while Yunyun's strength ebbed, only to have Megumin show up from nowhere. As she prepared to vanquish him with the same Explosion Magic that had taken out Arnes, the immobile Host who realised his inability to survive in his weakened state grumbled about the absurd misfortunes he had ran into at Axel, before being sent back to Hell with one less life.[10]

Sometime later, Host was successfully summoned by Komekko, but he just scolded her for not using a proper offering (the shell of a cicada) and went back to Hell.[3]


Host is an extremely strong demon, whose powers are comparable to the generals of the Devil King.

Immense Strength: Host posses a great strength, being able to defeat Rex's party and destroy an entire field, both with a single punch.

High Resistance: Host possesses a tremendous resistance. According to himself, he could even survive Megumin's Explosion if he was at full strength.

Flight: Host has the ability to fly using his wings.

Advanced Magic: In addition to high physical abilities, Host is able to use Advanced Magic.

  • Inferno: Summons enormous flames that incinerate the surrounding area.


  • In Fantastic Days, Host is constantly summoned by Komekko to unwillingly serve as her familiar, and is treated like a pet by her and other characters.[11]