Hyoizaburoo (ひょいざぶろー) is Megumin's father and a magic item craftsman.


Like all Crimson Demons, Hyoizaburoo has red pupils and dark hair. He wears an old work uniform that is visibly patched at several places.


Hyoizaburoo is serious and hard-working. He is obviously a talented magic item artisan, but his Crimson Demon chuunibyou traits show up as the added side-effects to his magic products. He originally had a very stern demeanor towards Kazuma, but quickly softens when the latter brings out his presents of food.

He works very hard though and cares deeply about his family. As a result, he is initially guarded against Kazuma, after reading everything Megumin wrote in her letters.


He runs a magic item shop in the Crimson Demon Village. Despite being a talented magic item maker with great mana reserves like all other of his race, Hyoizaburoo has a very peculiar artistic sense. All of his wares end up with prohibitive limits, some type of a defect built in, or just plain useless. Because of this he has to sell his products for large discounts, at times unable to sell them at all, and as a result Megumin's family is very poor financially. Wiz is one of his few customers.

His folly causes Komekko to suffer chronic malnutrition, since whenever Megumin sends extra money home, he just spends it all on his magic item business.


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