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Hyoizaburoo (ひょいざぶろー) is Megumin's father and a magic item craftsman.[1]


Like all Crimson Demons, Hyoizaburoo has red pupils and dark hair. He wears an old work uniform that is visibly patched at several places, along with a black cape.


Hyoizaburoo is a stoic magic item craftsman. He is very passionate and prideful about his craft, however because of his chuunibyou and inability to control how much magical power he puts in his creations, Hyoizaburoo's products either have inconvenient side-effects or are totally defective.[2] Also, since he is stubborn, insisting in just selling his creations to those who "really appreciate its value", Hyoizaburoo drives away costumers and is unable to sell anything.[3]

To make things worse, Hyoizaburoo is a waster, often investing his family money on his job, letting them with no food on the table, while he spends the night drinking wine and snacking. Also, since he is broke, Hyoizaburoo is sycophant towards the wealthy, as while he can be short-tempered with regular people, Hyoizaburoo is willing to butter 'em up if the said person has money to spare.[1]


Running a magic item workshop at his home in the Crimson Demon Village, Hyoizaburoo due to his very peculiar artistic and creative sense, either imbued all of his wares with prohibitive limits and/or some type of built-in defect, or simply designed them to be useless. Because of his products in almost every case being unable to sell at all, his family is in chronic financial difficulty, unable to afford fixing up their home or even proper meals. This forced Hyoizaburoo into travelling far and wide with Yuiyui weekly in an attempt to sell his products at large discounts, regularly leaving Megumin and Komekko behind to watch the home with only whatever meagre food was available.[4]
(In the anime, during one of such trips, he managed to sell a magic bracelet to Arnes, allowing the couple to return home with enough money for treating their daughters to sukiyaki, in addition to buying Megumin a new school uniform)[3]

Some time during the ensuing year, Hyoizaburoo returned home only to find the front door ripped off by Servants of the Dark God, though according to other villagers, Komekko was thankfully outside at the time of the attack, with Megumin and Yunyun also heading to search for her prior to a mysterious Explosion that wiped out the Demons.[5] And a while subsequent to Megumin's graduation, the couple went back to find a letter from her saying that she was leaving the village to become an adventurer.[6]

As another year passed, the usually impoverished craftsman suddenly received frequent inventory orders from Wiz, who became one of the few customers fancying his wares.[7] Hyoizaburoo also received from Axel letters written by Megumin, which told of how she joined Kazuma's party as well as the various sexual harassments he enacted upon her.[1]

The magic item craftsman was thus unamused when Megumin returned home with her party, and acted sternly towards Kazuma until the Adventurer gifted the family with food, before turning all turfhunter upon hearing him reveal his recent transformation into a millionaire. Hyoizaburoo anyhow vehemently objected to Yuiyui's suggestion of letting Kazuma sleep with Megumin, though for two consecutive nights he only got put to Sleep by his wife for his efforts.[1][8]

When Sylvia who merged with the Mage-Killer began razing the village starting from its centre, Hyoizaburoo who had remained in his home at the outskirts got evacuated by Darkness[9] (and in the anime he and his family was present when the railgun was set up by Kazuma before it was fired by Komekko, following which he let Wiz drain his magical power so she could empower Megumin and Yunyun's final attack)[10]

Hyoizaburoo didn't think much of a small metallic slate with circuits printed over it that was brought home one day by Komekko as a toy, until Kazuma's party came visiting again. There he assumed a stern tone at the outset upon hearing how not only was Kazuma's whole party Level Drained of all their levels and skills, but Kazuma also got charged with treason in addition to losing all his wealth. At Megumin's petitioning, though, Hyoizaburoo agreed to help Kazuma search for the replacement part of an ancient relic required for his pardoning. Then once he heard that the description of the said part, which was believed to be located in the village, exactly matched the metallic slate, Hyoizaburoo quickly pointed the party to Komekko.[11]

Possibly providing a manatite contraption for Kazuma's party to generate simulated Explosions with, on the following night when the party returned home to tell of encountering one of the Mecha Owl Monsters recently plaguing the village, Hyoizaburoo decided to ask Bukkororii and his vigilantes to deal with the matter.[12] He continued to aid Kazuma's party later on, through combining their equipment with a variety of ingredients for upgrading them.[13]

Despite having his trade kept afloat by the regular patronage of Wiz thereafter, at times Hyoizaburoo will suddenly find his best customer zapped by Vanir before they could close the deal.[14]

Forced to abandon his home to its destruction when the Devil King's Daughter blew up the village,[15] Hyoizaburoo and his wife later took out a loan to have it rebuilt as a decent modern country house, despite the family continuing to spend their days without food and money.[16]


Advanced Magic: Like all Crimson Demons, Hyoizaburoo is a powerful Arch Wizard who mastered Advanced Magic. Even among the Crimson Demons, Hyoizaburoo has a high magical power.


  • Although Megumin frequently sends extra money home, Hyoizaburoo just wastes it all on his magic item business, causing Komekko to suffer from chronic malnutrition.
  • Being the creator of many a magic item that are prone to going out of control, Hyoizaburoo's advice for responding to such unfortunate situations is "anything will stop functioning once it's destroyed".[17]