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Ignis Ford Dustiness (ダスティネス・フォード・イグニス) is the father of Darkness, as well as the head of the Dustiness House and Axel current governor.


Ignis is an older man usually wearing formal attire befitting a noble. Like most nobles he has well-kept blonde hair and blue eyes. Unlike his daughter, Darkness, his hair has no ombre of yellow to orange.


Ignis is a loving father who cares and looks after his daughter. He stated to pamper Darkness after her mother died, and blames himself for her current personality[1] (although it is his pervert maids' fault), striving to find a suitable match to marry and take care of his daughter. As father, Ignis is very gentle and zealous, however he can also be ruthless when Darkness' well-being is at stake, even ordering the execution of another noble who supposedly harmed his daughter. Ignis is also eager to become grandfather.[1]

Ignis, however, is also a prestigious knight who once advised the king, having great authority and political power in the kingdom (although he is very humble). As such, Ignis posses an imposing aura that allows him to establish order even in chaotic situations,[2] and is very insightful, as he is able to see through people.[3] Also, while Ignis is usually righteous and a devout Eris follower, as a strategist he is quite cunning, teaching his daughter that distracts the adversary is a legitimate strategy to win in chess, for example.[4]


After marrying Darkness' mother (an act that unwittingly invited bitter feelings from Pickles)[5], Ignis fathered Darkness shortly before his wife died, and mostly let his servants take care of his daughter while he busied himself in official affairs of the kingdom as one of its top advisors.[1] When more reports came in about Alderp's various crimes that the kingdom couldn't find proof of, Ignis was deployed to reside in the Axel area for keeping an eye on the crooked governor in addition to seeking evidence against him.[3]

As Darkness grew up into a personality of perverted masochistic fetishes and became an adventurer, Ignis had to repeatedly post rewards for seeking her whereabouts whenever she ran off to Axel for adventuring with Chris.[6] He also tried to arrange marriages for her, only to be clobbered unconscious each time he brought up the subject.[1] Subsequent to Darkness finding herself a stable place in Kazuma's party, Ignis agreed to sell nearly all of the household's assets for covering most of the flood damage on Axel caused by Aqua.[3] And once she settled in the party's mansion, he periodically sent her precious gifts and supplies, such as the crab the party used for crab pot.[7]

At the proposal from Alderp for Darkness' marriage to Walther, however, Ignis who had long admired the young man insisted on Darkness having a marriage interview with the governor's son despite days of her protesting. After Darkness returned from her party's mansion with Kazuma and Aqua who dressed up as a butler and a maid for the household, Ignis struck a secret deal with Kazuma to help seal the marriage, which the Adventurer did as he repeatedly prevented Darkness from saying something untoward while Walther was meeting with the Dustinesses. Ignis soon excused himself to let Darkness and Walther take a walk in the gardens with Kazuma and Aqua accompanying, before heading to send refreshments after hearing of them sparring at the dojo, only to be shocked when he found a soggy and half-naked Darkness lying unconscious on the floor. Ordering the executions of Kazuma and Walther upon hearing Aqua accuse the two men, Ignis later retracted the command as he discovered what really happened, and instead apologised for his daughter's bizarre behaviour. Next asking Kazuma to take good care of Darkness, Ignis became overjoyed when the awakened Darkness claimed to be pregnant with Kazuma's child, and it took a good part of the hour following Walther's departure before Kazuma could convince him that it wasn't true.[1]

Many months later, Ignis suddenly fell grievously ill, the cause of which was neither poisoning by Alderp nor anything the doctors could identify. Meanwhile, Alderp began calling on the debt with the Dustiness House for compensating damages caused by the Destroyer, and Ignis could only look on helplessly from bed as Darkness offered to marry Alderp in exchange for the debt being cancelled. When Kazuma who raided the Dustiness residence chanced upon his room, Ignis explained the situation to him before suggesting he elope with Darkness, though Kazuma soon had to flee the room from the said heiress out for his blood.[8]

Following the disruption of the wedding ceremony and Darkness' return alongside her whole party, the dying Ignis proceeded to speak with his daughter for the final time, only to have Aqua break the curse cast onto him by Maxwell, causing the Dustinesses' both joy and embarrassment.[3] Recovering his health thereafter, Ignis was appointed the role of governor for Axel and its surrounding areas following Alderp's disappearance and the realisation that their debt with him was invalid, a task which Walther and occasionally Darkness assisted him on.[9]

When Darkness confiscated a Divine Treasure from another noble and Kazuma and Chris invaded the Dustiness Manor in order to retrieve the Treasure, Ignis was the one who put things right after the lasts cause a chaos in the Manor.[2]

When the Devil King's Army began large scale mobilizations, in his conversations with Sylphina's father, Ignis talked of Axel which was furthest from the front lines as well as Kazuma's mansion there, and consequently Sylphina got sent to that city where she could be safe and able to visit Darkness.[10] Upon hearing about the concept of education systems, Ignis also experimented with the idea by opening the house's coffers for setting up schools at Axel's orphanages.[11]


Ignis is a renowned knight and one of the pillars of the Kingdom of Belzerg, known as the "Royal Shield".

  • Physical Resistance: Resistance again physical damage. That is a skill inherited by the Dustiness House, although they are usually weak againt magic (Darkness, however, inherited the Magic Resistance from her mother's family).[10] This skill also affects both weapons and clothes.
  • One-Handed Sword: As a knight, Ignis fights using a one-handed broadsword.[2]


  • Like his daughter, Ignis blushes and moans when he is embarrassed.[3]
  • Ignis keeps a photo album of his daughter from when she was a child at his manor vault.[2]