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Iris Stylish-Sword Belzerg (ベルゼルグ・スタイリッシュ・ソード・アイリス), usually referred to as just Iris (アイリス), is the first princess of the Kingdom of Belzerg.[1] She is also known by her undercover name Illis[2]/Irene[3] (イリス), granddaughter of a chirimen trader from the capital.[4]


Iris is a young girl with blue eyes and straight long blonde hair, free flowing for the most part but partially braided on the right side of her face. She has an air of class and delicacy, unblemished and clear skin as porcelain,[5] and looks a bit older than she actually is. Iris is a bit smaller than Megumin.

Around her head, she wears a green headband decorated with grapes and leaves. She also wears a long white dress with gold trimming, a cleavage, a blue ribbon on the waist, a blue skirt and white pantyhose. When Iris will fight, she uses a white shirt and a black short skirt alongside a blue armor composed by plackart, pauldrons, brassarts and greaves.


Despite her first impression as a haughty and unfriendly person due to her shyness,[6] Iris is actually a kind and cheerful child. She is also a very innocent kid, which means Iris is very impressionable too, often behaving like Kazuma when he is around.[7] Also because of his influence, while she became more extroverted, Iris also started to use both tricks[8] and japanese terms[4] that Kazuma taught her. Nonetheless, she is still very obedient, enjoying being complimented by her good behavior and deeds.

As the First Princess of Belzerg, Iris puts a very honorable facade. She is very diligent about her duties as princess and cordial to everybody, restraining herself in order of not be a problem for those around her. Iris is very responsible, not letting yourself be caried by her status; and dedicated to her kingdom and servants, willing to marry another kingdom prince in order to ensure the future of her kingdom, although he has a playboy reputation.[9]

However, Iris is actually very tomboyish, having an adventurous spirit kindled by both Kazuma's stories and curiosity about the life outside the castle, where she lived isolated from the common world. Having a lonely life, since her father and brother are usually in the battlefield[10] and everybody in the castle are her subordinates, Iris started to constantly sneak out of the castle in order to venture out in the city and meet her friends.

However, due to her isolation in the castle, Iris has no common sense, particularly notion of market price. Since she is often spoiled by her father, who gives her part of the national treasure as allowance,[4] Iris is unaware of the value of the money. For such reason she is willing spend a fortune in simple services and products, since such high value is actually a small change for her.


For Iris's history, see her History tab.


Because of the fact that the royal family has adopted heroes into its bloodline on many occasions, Iris is blessed with the many abilities of her powerful ancestors. These skills are on par with the cheats granted to the Japanese who are reincarnated. As well as possessing many powerful skills, Iris has an incredibly high level due to consuming rare food since childhood.[11] She also received instructions in martial arts since she was young.[12] Her level is currently around 60.[13]

Divine Treasure Holder: As holder of a holy sword passed down in royal family for generations, Iris has a variety of unique skills just royal family members possessing the holy sword can use.

  • Exterion: Produces a glowing slash that slices the target in two. She is able to vary its power, as it has been used to cut through a sword in a spar, and to slice a huge and seemingly impenetrable castle gate.[14]
  • Sacred Lightning Blare: Summons a bolt of blight white lightning, blowing a violent gust in the target. This spell is powerful enough to slaughter a crowd of golems in a single blast.[14]
  • Sacred Explode: After charging power, Iris delivers a poweful magical strike that clearly cuts the target, and those blinding light can envelope an entire mountain. It is the ultimate strike, that just the most talented of the royal family can use.[15] The strike was created using Explosion Magic as reference.[16]


Something-calibur: The holy sword that Iris wields, which is a divine item passed down by her ancestors and is also considered a national treasure. It is said to protect the wielder from all status effects and curses.[11]

Divine Treasure: A necklace that allow the user to switch bodies with someone else. It is just temporary if the user isn't the original owner, unless one of those two dies during the switch.[17] It was sealed by Aqua.[18]

Iris's Necklace: A magical item that prevents the users' Magical Power from leaking out. It's a heirloom inherited by Belzerg queens.[8]

Iris's Headpiece: A string of grapes that she kept on her head as a decoration and bodyguard, after she triumphed over it during her infant years and gained its loyalty.[19]


  • Iris was born on 6th September 1924. The date is celebrated as a national holiday in the Kingdom of Belzerg.
  • Iris' weapon is a reference to the sacred sword "Excalibur". Kazuma recognizes the name as the same one Megumin wrote on him after his death in the Lizard Runners Quest.[11]
  • Thanks to Kazuma's party, Iris got a taste for the commoners' cuisine, particularly fried rice.[11]
  • According to Megumin, Iris' personality is getting more similar to Kazuma's.[8] Also, according to Claire, Iris' behavior is more similar to Kazuma's when he is around.[7]
  • According to Claire's statement, Iris seems to be on her rebellious phase.[20]
  • In the initial web novel, Iris was simply a minor character who was only significant for kidnapping Kazuma, and didn't appear again after he got chased back to Axel.