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Jatice Stylish-Sword Belzerg (ベルゼルグ・スタイリッシュ・ソード・ジャティス) is the first prince of the Kingdom of Belzerg and Princess Iris' older brother.


According to Iris, Jatice when younger had been more approachable, and took care of her much like Kazuma later did. As he grew older and the duty of a prince on the battlefield called, however, he took on a more serious demeanour while growing more distant from her.[1]


As the crown prince, Jatice was predominantly leading the kingdom's armies in fighting on the front lines against the Devil King's Army alongside the king and rarely seen at the Royal Capital.[1] He unknowingly became the target of Alderp who was trying to switch their bodies and kill him to gain Jatice's body,[2] though this was thwarted when the divine relic needed to switch them was sealed by Aqua.[3]